Who is Open to know Jesus?

Who is Open to Know Jesus?

 Recently in Los Angeles, California, I and a team of volunteers from eleven states came together to work with six African American Baptist Churches and joined them in reaching out into the community to share the story of Jesus Christ. We spoke to hundreds of lost people and recorded over 270 decisions where people prayed a sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus to forgive their sins and come into their hearts.  

Telling the Jesus story is the greatest thing I have ever had pleasure in doing and it has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. Most of the people we talked to were between the ages of 14 to 40 years old. The teenagers were so willing to listen to the story of Jesus and how He changed my life when I was 26 years old. Most of the people were willing to listen and yes there were those who were not willing to trust in Jesus Christ. We found that people were open to hear a word about Jesus.

In a recent article by Thom Rainer he quoted research conducted by his company that of 160 million adults, “nearly four of 10” were unchurched and these people were receptive to the Gospel and to the local church (Outreach magazine, March/April 2007, p. 18). He emphasized that was 60 million unchurched adults who were eager for a Christian to share the good news with them.  

This year I had several flights to Los Angeles, CA. During one of my flights, one of the cabin stewards, Holly from California, saw me underlining several sentences in a book I was reading. As she was walking by she commented, “That must be a very interesting book you are reading. What is the name of the book?” I told her the name of the book, (The Gospel in the New Millennium). When she asked me what the book was about, she commented that I needed to come to her Catholic Church and share what I was learning.  As I shared with her about my story how Jesus Christ had changed my life and how radical of a transformation it was she knelt down next to my seat as I shared. The plane began to make its approach so she had to return to her post. On the way out of the plane she grabbed my arm and told me that she was going to read the gospel tract, (book of wisdom) I had given her. Here was a young woman who was from the West Coast who was interested to know more about Jesus Christ and how He changes lives.   

On the same flight there was a Chinese businessman who sat next to me. I gave him a book of wisdom (a gospel tract) and he opened up and told me that many Chinese were becoming Christians. I asked him why this was happening and he said, “Because they are all trying to answer the question why am I here.” I asked him if I could tell him why he was here. He said please tell me. So I share the Jesus story with him. I explained that God loved him very much and that God put on humanity and came to earth and paid for his sins by dying on the cross. I explained to him that the best part was that Jesus resurrected from the dead and made the only way to God. He didn’t pray right then to trust in Jesus Christ, but he did tell me he would read the booklet that I gave him.  

During my travels across the United States I have found everywhere I go I have found people are open to hear about Jesus Christ. The reason the average Christian does not know if anyone is open to the gospel is because he or she is not asking people if they want to know Jesus. I begin many conversations with total strangers with “Has anyone told you today that God loves you” or with “Can I give you a book of wisdom that tells you how much God loves you,” these are what you would call exploratory questions. You must explore where a person is in his or her journey with God and then just begin to share from your spiritual walk with God. Your personal testimony and experience with God will communicate volumes with a lost person. So the best place to begin is where you are and the best time is now.       


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  2. Hiram says:

    Right on my brother

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