Effective Evangelism is Intentional Evangelism

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Conversational Evangelism, Evangelism Dynamics, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Prayer Evangelism

Effective Evangelism is Intentional Evangelism


I have been leading an intentional outreach evangelism minsitry since September of 2001 through the local church across north american.  In 2002, God allowed me to write an equipping manual believers how to witness. Over the last five years, the strategy has developed into what it is today. Since the fall of 2001, the ministry has seen over 15,000 people pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. God has taught me several concepts about evangelism. The average Christian, I like to call myself a follower of Jesus Christ, is fearful about telling another individual about Jesus and forgiveness of sin and a new life in Jesus. I have asked myself the same question many times, why is a person who has trusted in Jesus to have their sins forgiven afraid of witnessing. 


What is it that keeps you, a professing believer, from witnessing to someone else about Jesus Christ? Is telling someone, a strange maybe, a close friend or a relative how Jesus Christ changed your life, when you put your trust in Him, seem very difficult? Witnessing is nothing more than communicating to someone that God loves him or her.  The Gospel story is that God sent His one and only Son to earth and through Jesus’ death, he paid for all their wrong doing. Witnessing is starting a conversation where in three minutes or less you are sharing your life’s story how you understood that God loves you, and that God Almighty in the form of a man, Jesus, paid for your sins.   


Here are some key points that I have learned as a street witness, a street preacher, and during church wide visitation. I would like to share these with you.


Valuable Key Witnessing points

  • The first key to remember is that you should be continually talking with God when seeking to be an obedient soul winner. I have learned from mature and seasoned soul winners the importance of staying in a constant conversation with the One who has called you to go and be a witness in the first place. I learned an important dynamic in seminary about being born again, salvation has three key links. Salvation is from the one true God, who has revealed Himself in three distinct ways, as God the Father, through God the Son and by God the Spirit. God will tell you when to witness and when not to witness. He will direct your steps across the street to engage a total stranger in a witnessing conversation.

  • The second key point to remember is that God is the One who is in the life changing business. It is through His Spirit that an individual is made new again, a new creation as mentioned by the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:17. The word “new” in the biblical Greek language means literally a new creation, in other words, a new person who never existed before. Jesus uses those who have been made new by having seeking his forgiveness for their sin. He puts His spirit, his personality, His desire in all believers so we can continue His ministry here on earth.

  • The third key point in witnessing is everyone has to recognize their sin nature and that he or she has broken God’s laws and commandments. Only then can someone after having realized their sin can forgiveness be asked for and given by God. The mistake many Christians with good intentions make is they offer God’s love and a better place without showing a person how we are an offense to God because of our sinful nature. Salvation is always preceded by an awareness of a sin nature. 

Prayer a Major Key

Prayer is a major ingredient when attending to wintess. Without it a soul winner only seeks to operate in an unprepared field. The fields must be prepared by persistent prayerwalking and building relationships when prayerwalking a community. I have seen a community’s receptivity level to the gospel increase after 4 weeks of prayerwalking. The down and outers as well as the up and outers are more receptive to the gospel. The gospel is never to be separate from evangelism. The two were intended to work hand in hand. Even Jesus prayerwalked Jerusalem as revealed in Matthew? The apostle Paul wrote to pray without ceasing. As you go and witness you must go with a prayerful attitude, seeking to be used to share your testimony, your story how Jesus Christ changed your life.   


Jesus was our example when it comes to evangelism. He taught His disciples and He still teaches us how to witness as when we respond to the Holy Spirit to be a witness for Him. The Bible teaches that the greatest joy God experiences is when a lost person admits his or her sin and asks Jesus to forgive his sins. The gospel writer Luke penned that “there is joy in the presence of the angels.” The Greek language structure reveals that the One who is expressing the joy is God Almighty and His angels are seeing Him rejoice over the rebirth of a person.


  1. Darrel says:

    Victor, I am glad to see you start this Blog. I have learned a lot from you and I know that God is using you in great and mighty ways. I am so convinced that the church of Jesus Christ needs not so much a revival, but a revival in the confidence of Gods power to save whosoever, wherever whenever the gospel is proclaimed. We have lost that in modern evangelicalism. We think that people have to be taken through the 20 steps of the purpose driven plan to a better life beforee they can be saved. we need not be ashamed of the gospel of jesus Christ for it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe. Keep on equipping bro!

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