Decoding Evangelism or Understanding Evangelism

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Conversational Evangelism, Evangelism Dynamics, Personal Evangelism, Understanding Biblical Evangelism

I apologize for not adding a post over the last several weeks. God was up to something big in my life and I had to break away from all writing until things settled down. I have made the move that God wanted me to make and now I can continue serving God in the place He wants me to be.

 Now back to the writing. Over the last 23 years God has taught me a lot about the principles of evangelism. I have learned much about praying for the lost, praying for myself to be a witness, servanthood evangelism and ministry, and follow-up of new believers.

The first of 2006, in January I began writing down some thoughts about evangelism and the principles I mentioned above. I wrote every opportunity I had. I wrote into the early hours of the morning. I wrote about my convictions certain topics on evangelism and I wrote about the many lessons Ihave learned from seeing some of my spiritual heroes share Jesus with lost people.

 Over the next several weeks I want to share exerts from my writings. I am praying about getting my writings published into a book so others can be encouraged to be obedient soul winners and witnesses for Jesus Christ. In this post I am introducing the concept that many of us have made evangelism so difficult that now we think it is in some type of code. I propose the question “Did God give us a message that needs to be decoded?” Is the strategy for sharing Christ in some type of code?” I have to answer why of course not!

 Jesus Commanded us to go and tell the world about Him. It is a simple message that even a young child at the tender age of 3 asks his father, “Daddy will you please pray that I can have Jesus in my heart?” Does he understand what he asked, you think to yourself. Yes he does if he is thinking it. How much does he understand? He knows enough to consider asking his daddy to pray for him. I have learned that when people are asking to know God, they are open to hear the good news about Jesus Christ. All I have to do is just be obedient and tell them the Jesus story.

Here is an exert from my book.

Breaking the Evangelism Code Is evangelism in some type of code that it must be decoded before a Christian or a church is able to evangelize lost people? Based on what I have heard from pastors, ministers of evangelism, evangelists, missionaries, church planters and even some soul winners you would think that it is. You might have even wondered how did we lose the ability to witness to a lost people and especially peoples from other non Christian groups. You might have even thought that evangelism was in some kind of code and if you could only write the correct evangelism strategy that the church would be able to witness again just like Jesus and the first century apostles.  Maybe you have wondered, “Where did the church lose it ability to witness?” In which century or era did Christians stopped connecting with people groups and the lost masses of unbelievers. Guess what? We never did lose the connectivity with the world. The message that Jesus proclaimed and the same one that His disciples learned from Him is the same message we should be communicating to the world.  Jesus message crosses all cultures, across all the centuries. The gospel is not restrained by time and people. The New Testament gospel transcends from the beginning of time until its end. The message of Jesus must be preached, proclaimed, communicate to all of mankind in every place to every language and tongue. Jesus did not leave a message that had to be decoded by man to understand. The Gospel is has been translated into many languages and books. God personally delivered the message Himself so that it would not lose its focus and purpose. The gospel is so easy to understandable that even a child can grasp it. Yet it was given by the Supreme God so that even a brilliant mind could examine the Gospel and be amazed at the divine conception of the Almighty God communicating with mere man.  The Gospel has been laid out for all who desire to know God are able to grasp it. A person has to first admit his or her finite existence and the infinite existence of God. Then the individual would have to admit their imperfections their sin nature. Last of all there would have to be an admission of having sinned against the God of universe and that Jesus has paid for all sin, including theirs. This is the Gospel, it is basic and complex at the same time, and it is God’s revelation to you and me.      


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