Sharing the Gospel in a Tractful Way

Posted: December 10, 2007 in Conversational Evangelism, Evangelism Dynamics, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism

Recently I was interviewed by a mission agency on the approach to witnessing and handing out gospel tracts. Some Christians may feel uncomfortable with this approach to witnessing. For others this is a viable method for beginning a witnessing conversation with a total stranger. Many times this method may lead to someone praying to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

I hope that it encourages you and challenges you to give out a booklet of good news to someone as you focus on Jesus Christ this Christmas season.  Christmas is all about giving of gifts and receiving gifts. This time of the year is a good time for us to direct someone to God’s gift of eternal life by giving a gospel tract as we shop, eat in restaurant’s, and stand in line waiting to be attended by a clerk.

When you pay the bill hand the waitress a tract and tell him or her that God loves them very much. Or you can put the receipt or money in the tract and leave it on the table. The server will have to get through the gospel before getting to the money.  A good ice breaker that has worked for me has been offering to pray for the server as we get ready to pray for our meal. I have seen waitresses begin to cry and tell me that they had asked God to send them an angel to tell them how much He loved them. Others have pulled up a chair since they were not busy and listened to me as I shared the Jesus story with them only to have the server pray and ask Jesus into their heart.

 Other ways to give out a gospel tract is to offer one to person as you stand in line at the department store. You can tell the person that the booklet tells them about God’s gift how to get into heaven. One of the responses I have heard has been, “really, I can get to heaven from here?” I usually respond, that is correct, non stop directly to heaven. If the person is receptive they will smile or laugh and then I proceed to share the Jesus story. The individual may or may not be ready to trust in Jesus but at least the person heard the good news.

It is not whether or not the person chooses to become a follower of Jesus Christ that make evangelism successful, but rather that we are obedient to the Great Commission and do as Jesus our Lord has commanded us to do. Remember, go tell someone about Jesus. And then watch how God works in the salvation process. Happy Christ Celebration!

  1. Richard Lance says:

    Victor: I affirm your encouragement on the witness of a gospel tract. I believe the Holy Spirit may well penetrate the mind and heart after a verbal witness is given,especially in two ways:(1) If the person does not receive Christ, the tract serves as affirmation of the truthfulness of the one sharing the gospel (2) If the person receives the verbal witness of the one witnesing, the tract is still useful
    for helping the new believer to be strengthened in his/her faith. A good practice is to carry tracts for witnessing.

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