What Does New Testament Evangelism Look Like?

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Conversational Evangelism, Evangelism Dynamics, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism


    Understanding Biblical Evangelism?


          In trying to understand biblical evangelism, we must first read and study the biblical examples of Jesus as He witnessed to the masses and to individuals.The Scripture verses Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8, Luke 10; Luke 24:46-48, are all key verses of Jesus command to testify of Him. Jesus also told those who wanted to know the Truth, to those who were searching for God how they could know God by knowing who He was. He explained that He was the one true way to God. He gave evidence that God was working in and through Him. He said that the works that He had done were only possible by God working through Him. 

          Evangelism is what Jesus did while on earth. He not only spoke evangelism, but He lived out evangelism through His death by crucifixion, His burial in a borrowed tomb, and ultimately His resurrection from the dead. After the resurrection Jesus then instructed His followers to go and be His witnesses to the whole world, the “cosmos” (New Testament Greek).  

          The next few are an excerpt from my book, “Breaking The Evangelism Code”. I explain what biblical evangelism should look like. I hope that you are encouraged by my words as I seek to follow my Lord and Savior and obey His command to tell others about His saving grace.

    What Does Biblical Evangelism Look Like?

                Evangelism is not a bad word. In the New Testament language, evangelism means good news, but some how it has become bad news for many lost people. I believe that witnessing in the flesh by many Christians who were not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them in the witnessing conversation resulted in an aggressive approach, a pushy approach, an offending someone through bad communication skills and not the gospel, by being arrogant, demanding instead of persuading in love a lost person to realize their sinful state and their need for Jesus.

                To discover what biblical evangelism looks like a person needs to read and study the books of the New Testament. Evangelism is not in some type of code. God did not ever intend for churches, pastors, denominational workers, and Christians to think that evangelism was in some type of cryptic code.

    Since God called me into in ministry I have noticed that churches have fallen for a satanic lie that evangelism is not working. God has made evangelism a simple. He has given us strategies for evangelism they are found in the Bible. The gospels and the book of Acts contain the methods, plans and approaches for engaging lost people with the gospel. They contain God’s strategy for taking the good news to the entire world.

                According to God’s Word, every person ever born will die one day and face God to give an answer for the evil or bad things he or she did (Heb. 9:27; Rev. 20:11-15). For those who were conceived but never lived outside the womb they are covered by the blood of Jesus. Even the sins that they would have committed against God are covered. Remember, that Jesus death on the cross paid for all the sins past, present and future. Jesus paid for my sins over 2,000 years ago before I was ever conceived and born. We can conclude one vital summation that people need Jesus forgiveness and payment for their sins.

          As you contemplate on God’s Word and you study the examples of Jesus and His followers ask God how you can begin to be an obedient and intentional witness for Jesus Christ. I pray that you will obey the One whom you call Lord, Savior and King of kings and begin to serve Him and allow Him to live through your life.        


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