This past weekend in a small town of almost 8,000 in Northwest Georgia I participated in an evangelistic emphasis by the Baptist Association and several churches. The effort began last year with the implementation of an evangelism strategy developed by the North American Mission Board for inner city churches. In the past three years, churches in rural and suburban settings have adopted this strategy to equip their church members to see hundreds of lost people saved.

Three churches were the benefactors of the ICE strategy. One church particularly saw revival during a revival. Harbor Lights church last November 2007 had a for sale sign on its property and was down to 9 members. During the preparation for the April ICE, this church used the ICE principles of evangelism training, community ministry and prayerwalking training to prepare itself for the revival. Evangelist and ICE Consultant Mark Yoho was scheduled to lead the revival for 4 nights. As a result of people getting saved the pastor asked Rev. Yoho to come back one more night. He preached a message on the church being broken over its sin and for lost people. That night church wept over their sin of disobedience toward a lack of evangelism. The pastor asked Mark to come back again and this continued for a total of 12 nights. Revival had broken out, the church got right with God and and lost people were saved.

 The ICE weekend resulted in 70 people openly admitting they needed God’s forgiveness and to trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Twenty more people had been born again during the preparatory phase of the ICE implementation. Seven people were baptized Sunday evening at the three churches and over 20 men young and mature men saw God move in their little town resulting changed lives. Not only did they see people lives changed but they wept as they shared how they had led a person to faith in Jesus for the first time or how they had developed a passion for telling others about God the Son, Jesus Christ.

Some many of the witnessing teams who covered most of the small town in La Fayette, GA, gave testimony how people were ready to trust in Jesus. “I have been thinking a lot about that lately” being saved, the new believers said. “I have been trying to figure out how I would get to heaven,” one twenty-three year old said when asked if he knew for sure if he was going to heaven when he died.

The receptivity of lost people in heavily prayerwalked areas resulted in positive encounters and many people ready to trust in Jesus Christ. Then there were those areas that we ventured into that had not been prayerwalked, where we encountered much resistance and opposition. One witness team leader testified how God revealed to him that there was a spirit of procrastination. People were not willing to trust in Jesus. This was confirmed by one man whom this team had just shared the gospel with when he stated, “I know that I have been procrasting about giving my life to Jesus.

Understanding revival is about realizing that it does not take a whole church to see people saved, or spiritual awakening. As I was pondering the events of this past weekend, I thought about the first and second awakenings. It was one man who believed and loved Jesus enough to go out and tell others about Christ. It takes just one man to man to make an impact for the kindgom of God. How, one man did just that, Jesus of Nazareth.

You too can be that one man or woman, if you truly love Jesus, and go out and tell lost people about the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus Christ. You too can see many people trust Jesus if you will be a witness for Jesus. Will you do it? Do you love Jesus enough to tell others about Him? Then go and tell someone about Him and see their lives change. You will see your life change  as well.


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