During a strategy meeting for evangelism and church planting God gave me a concept. I sure this is not new, so I am sure that I must have read it somewhere or heard it. Here are the principles, “without sowing there is no harvest, without a harvest there is no gathering, without a gathering, there is no church.”

Wow! how simple a concept. You mean all I have to do to have a harvest of souls is to sow the gospel of Jesus Christ? Why yes! Gathered souls equals a church. That is souls who gather to worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But souls must be first won to Christ by sharing the Good News with lost people.

The gospel is the divine seed of God which when it falls upon the hearts of men filled with evil and corrupt thoughts will give root to the gospel. Lost people’s lives are filled with manure and this is nothing more that fertilizer. Farmers use this smelly substance to see their seed produce crops. God knew this when He made  mankind and when mankind fell into sin.

God knew that Jesus His only Son would take lives filled with the waste of sinful lives and turn it into a glorious percious fruit. God takes broken and worn down lives and creates them into new lives with so much promise. So we broad cast the gospel seed.

Sow and you will see a harvest. Harvest and you will gather. Gather and you will see a church. How simple is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus yoke is light. He would not ask us to do something He could not accomplish in us. If we go and share He will take care of the seed and the harvest. We just need to join Him in the sowing, harvesting and the gathering.


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