My ministry allows me to travel and work with urban churches all across the United States and Canada. I see the world flooding into both countries. God is bringing the world to the edge of the property budding up to our church buildings. I believe He has allowed this because our churches have not been active or concerned to go and take the gospel to them. God is not so concerned if our country stays Anglo Christian as much as He is our country being multi-cultural Christian.

 This past week I worked with 60 seminary students. 15 high school students, pastors, denominational workers, associational directors of missions, missionaries, and laymen conducting a week long evangelistic out reach in the high risk, low income communities of Louisville, Kentucky. Praise God for the one thousand plus people who trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

 I was amazed to find how many different people groups live in metro-Louisville. There were many Muslims and Buddhists that we found living in there. It turns out that our government is relocating these folks from different countries from refugee camps. Some of the people were not open to receive material on who Jesus Christ is and how he had paid for the sins of the world. Yet we found others that were open to talking about Jesus and hearing about the “Truth”, Jesus and several trusted in Jesus.

 Louisville saw a mass saturation of the gospel by witnessing teams, through door to door, block parties, festivals, food drops, concerts and back yard Bible clubs. Through each venue the gospel was shared with lost people. The greatest mistake at this time that the churches and entities can make is to feel that they can put their feet up and kick back. An aggressive approach needs to be taken to continue the work. Otherwise thousands of people will stay on the road to hell and there will be many missed opportunities to see more people born into God’s Kingdom.

 Lost people hearts have been softened, unchurched believers have been given hope by the witnesses. Pastors and congregations have seen that they can reach their ever changing and heart hardened communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The soils have been cultivated and the hard packed is now turned, the rocky and thorny soils have been worked, and fertile soil has been planted. Now is the time for the laborers to continue to go into the harvest fields and see an even greater harvest by the local churches. It is a mistake to stop now when so much work has been done. The work will never be done, until Jesus returns and the Judgment Day takes place.

 Churches more than ever need to continue prayerwalking their communities, doing door to door evangelism, street witnessing, and crusades. Believers need to continue striking up conversations as they are out during their daily routines and see if people are ready to hear about Jesus Christ. They need to continue to saturate their city with the gospel.

 One major law of the harvest is that you cannot see a harvest if you do not sow seed. Cultivation is another major component of seeing a harvest. In third world countries, farmers have been taught that they had to cultivate the soil after turning the soil and broad casting seed. The lack of cultivation resulted in poor fruit bearing corps. After the farmers learned how to cultivate they saw increased baskets of corps, far greater than they had been getting.

 Follow-up evangelism is a major component of a mass evangelistic effort. People will read the gospel tracts they were given. The Holy Spirit s working on the hearts of lost people. He is getting them ready to bear fruit, only if someone will care effort and continue the work of cultivation and harvesting. The work of evangelism will not be finished until Jesus comes to judge the world. Until then we must continue the work. 

 An assessment of the local churches needs to be conducted to see if they are ready to conduct follow-up. If additional training is needed to empower them to do effective follow-up then an extra equipping session should be conducted.

 The president of the Baptist seminary in New Orleans stated in his speech at the Southern Baptist Convention report for his institution that studies show if Southern Baptist continue to do things the same way they have been doing as far as evangelism that Southern Baptist will go from 16 million to 7 million by 2050.

 Let me make something clear, I know that is not about being Southern Baptist as much as it is about being saved, but God used Southern Baptist to reach me with the gospel and I am appreciative to God for using them and their faithfulness in the 1980’s. I owe God and the SBC much. I just want to continue the work that was begun in me. Thank King Jesus.


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