Scripture reveals that the Devil hates anything that God has created. We see that scenario in Genesis 3 when he pursued Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. If you have not realized it yet, the Devil hates you with all his being. Why? Because you are a part of God’s creation and plan. Ever since Eden the Devil has not stopped pursuing mankind.

Then Jesus showed up on earth, according to the heavenly Father’s plan of course. Jesus preached the one true way to God and heaven, Himself, John 14:6. He paid for our sin and rose from the dead, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. He established His church Matthew 16:18 and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. So the devil cannot stop God’s plan, but he can surely try to hinder it or slow down Christians from advancing the gospel message to a lost and dying world.

How you might ask? Why thank you for asking. I strongly believe that the church, Christians, and the Southern Baptist Convention and other conservative Christian groups (those who believe that Jesus is God in the flesh, John 10:30) are under a major onslaught by the Devil. Why just stop and observe how many pastors and ministers have either fallen morally or lack integrity the last few years. Look at how the family is under major attack. Divorce, separation, adultery, pornography, multiple partners, teenagers involved in sex, drugs and alcohol, incest, molestation, loneliness and depression. Do I need to go any further?

It seems that Christians are so far away from God and Jesus that they do not really understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ today. The church acts more like lost people or pagans than it does the church.

As a Southern Baptist I sense that our denomination is under severe attack by the Devil. There are so many agendas and distractions that we have forgotten to do the most important thing! That is to tell people about Jesus Christ. We have become so misguided by a few who have become “the experts” on evangelism (by the way most of them are not doing evangelism or doing it wrong) that we are now afraid to tell an individual about Hell and Heaven. We are more concerned about hurting someones feelings or upsetting them by communicating the gospel, than having them upset in heaven because we didn’t tell them about Jesus. Remember, Jesus said that the gospel is a stumbling stone. People do not want to hear the true sometimes.

Remember the story that Jesus told about the rich man and Lazarus Luke 16:19-31. The rich man who had it all on earth, and when in hell he asked Abraham to send Lazarus to go to his father’s house and testify or witness to his five brothers that hell is a real place. He wanted to warn them. Why? The rich man was being tormented by the flames, according to Jesus. It is an awful place to be for eternity.

The church, Christians need to get back to our mission, our task, the Great Commission surge. The Great Commission is about evangelism and not money or power or who is in control. The last time I checked in the Bible Jesus was in control, He has the keys to Hades and Death, Rev. 1:18.

The joke I have learned in Southern Baptist life is that person with the “keys” to lock the doors of the church is usually in control. This is true for small churches which is the majority of SBC churches by the way.

Let me help point out something to every Southern Baptist regardless of your position. Jesus is the man with the “keys” to heaven’s gate and hell’s gate. He is the one who unlocked the gates and will lock them in the end times. Let’s not be fooled by the Devil that we are all we make ourselves to be. Ultimately, every single one of us will stand before the “Bema Seat”, Judgement seat of Christ to give an account of the things we did whether good or bad, and receive from Jesus the things we did.

I am not perfect by any means, but man I am trying to live for my Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I want to finish faithful. Yes it does make a difference now and then. Even lost people know how we are suppose to behavior. Honestly, they have told me that they hope Christians do succeed, because it gives them hope that they might have a chance for a better life one day when they get ready to do business with God.

So please join me in getting back to obeying Jesus’ mandate to be His witnesses. Let’s go win souls for Jesus sake. It will matter in eternity. It is a matter of eternal life or death for everyone.


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