How many of you know someone who is all about discouraging others? I would say most of us do not like being around such a person. I know I try not to spend too much time with negative people, they tend to drain the energy out of me. I see this happening among our churches, and religious organizations. There are certain people who write and speak on biblical mandates and commands who are demoralizing church leaders and discouraging them from being about the Great Commission.

Through my ministry the last few years I have done more soul winning across America and have recorded thousands of individual commitments trusting in Jesus as Lord and Savior. We have seen churches revitalized, some that were on the ledge of death. I think of one church in one of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the US that was down to three families and a new pastor. They made a last dig effort and got involved with a community evangelism effort, (ICE – intentional Community Evangelism) which is a strategy with resources.

ICE is a strategy adopted by the North American Mission Board that will transform a follower of Christ and a church to transform a community. ICE is a biblical concept, Jesus is the first one in the Bible to use the concept, (see Luke 10:1-2, and the book of Acts). The apostle Paul used Jesus strategy throughout his missional journeys.

Evangelism still works today. Missions still works today. How do I know this? Just stop and look at what the cults and major religions of the world are doing to the United States of America. America, I estimate to be one of the countries targeted by religious groups to try to convert what they deem as a Christian nation to their false teachings, and these groups are succeeding.

Christianity in America according to some of the latest research is not even in the 20 percentile. Out of the estimated 303 million people who live in the United States, 258 million are estimated to be lost, which is 83 percent. If you subtract 83 from 100 that leaves 17. Only seventeen percent of the US population is estimated to be Christian. And I would have to say that of the 17 percent that number may be even less because of the surveys by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associaton’s studies that 50 percent of church members are lost. You do the math on the 17 percent.

So what does this mean? Who do we listen to for direction as to whether or not we should be doing evangelism? I say let’s take Jesus Christ, author and finisher of our faith, the Way to Heaven, our example for evangelism and let’s go soul winning.

For all the nay sayers out there. I hate to be in their shoes when they stand before Jesus Christ and give an account how they discouraged and assisted the devil in hindering the gospel. That is correct, the devil can use a professed Christian to assist him in his work. Anything that hinders the gospel is not from God. Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples.”

So in which of the two groups do  you fall? I pray that you are seen as a friend of God and not as an enemy of God. America may be one of the top proselytized countries but not  by Christians but by other major religions. Researchers say that the US population growth is about 3 million every year and a percentage is by immigration. Christianity currently is declining, how? Our evangelism efforts shows that we are keeping up with added growth.  If one million of the new growth is non-Christian and we estimated about 45 million Christians currently, then by the year 2055 the non Christians will catch up with the current percent of Christianity if we do not grow and continue at the pace we are at. 

Currently we are reaching 8. 69 percent of new added population growth by salvation and baptism. I am not sure  what the conversion rate is for the combined cults and major religions of the world in America, plus all the other radical groups. It is time the church get  back  to listening to God and doing what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commanded us to do. Let’s go and make disciples.


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