I have been reading a lot on people’s opinions and about their confusion on what it means to be missional. I think the lack of knowing and understanding what it means to be missional is a direct result of people not reading and studying the Bible, the true Word of God.

In appears that Christians are searching and looking everywhere to get an answer but not in the Word of God. I am reminded of the Country music star from Texas who wrote the theme song for Urban Cowboy, “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places” I think many are “looking for truth in all the wrong places” everywhere but in the Word of God.

The Bible gives a clear description of what it means to be missional without ever using the term. In the “Beginning God”, we see this phrase describing the activity of God. He ventured out and did a work to not only create a people for Himself, but also to save a people through Himself. The Bible reveals that God began with the creation of a people and the Bible ends with the salvation of the people.  Missional is about saving a condemned people on the road to hell and showing them the way to eternal life with God in heaven.

God ventured out of His heavenly realm and role to descend to earth to save the very people He had created, who rejected and denied Him from an eternal hell. God was missional. He showed us through and in His Word what it means to be missional, how to be missional and the result of missional activity.

To be missional is to be have a goal in mind to save a lost and spiritually dead people from eternal hell to a heavenly place with God. Missional is about evangelism and making disciples who produce spiritual fruit, not just in themselves but in others.

Missional is Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:19-20. Missional is being incarnational to be attractional so that we can be evangelical resulting in being invitational meeting with God.

So why are there so many people confused about what it means to be missional? Could it be that they do not know Jesus? Could be it that they are not truly sold out to Jesus and hanging on to the things of the world, sin and hindering the work of God in them.

To be missional we must be holy, the result of having been saved by faith in Jesus Christ. To be missional is to be obedient to the Great Commission. This means we are doing evangelism, we are evangelistic. Christianity is an evangelistic belief system, a faith for conversational evangelism. We are evangelism because three evangelists live in us at the moment of our salvation.

Missional is evangelism. Missional is going, it is the evangelistic activity of God in His people. Not being evangelistic is not being missional.

So there you have it! Missional – The way God intends it to be understood.


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