We have all heard the phrase, “the church needs to get outside the four walls.”  I had been spending a lot of thinking about that phrase while driving from Minneapolis, Mn to Cedar Rapids, IA. I has been talking to God and asking Him how can we get the church outside of the four walls of the church. God gave me a word, it is like I heard Him say, “the church gets outside the four walls every time Christians leave them home, or ever time they go outside of the church, they are just not doing much!”

This statement was like a revelation from God. It was as a beam of light from heaven had shone from heaven on my car it would not have been any clearer. God’s church is getting outside the question is are we doing anything with the precious gospel message Jesus gave us? Jesus gave His followers a mandate to go out and make disciples of lost people by teaching them biblical truths. This means that we are to engage those who are not yet followers of Jesus and have conversations about what God says in His Holy Word. Jesus gave us the Great Missionary Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. He said “As you are going, make disciples.”

So the question is are you obedient to Jesus command to go and make disciples? Are you going and teaching and leading people to faith in Jesus Christ?  If you are not going then what do you need to do to get right with God? Do you need to learn how to share your faith,to share the gospel? Do you need to pray for holy boldness like the apostle Paul prayed in Ephesians 6:19? When are you going to begin being obedient to the Great Missionary Commission? Remember, Jesus is not looking for the most capable but the most available and willing.


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