Why The church is not Growing

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you wondered why churches across our nation are not growing, and instead declining and dying? I have been involved in a ministry consulting, teaching and equipping churches, pastors and Church leadership for over nine years. I have discovered that churches of every size, whether small, running 35 or large running 2,000 that are not growing is in the same phase of decline and usually not conducting outreach/evangelism in their communities.

I do not want to come across as criticizing or cutting down pastors when I make this comment. After having been in many churches across the nation, I have concluded that most pastors who are suppose to be the shepherds of the church are not doing “the work of an evangelist” as the apostle Paul instructed Timonthy in 2 Timothy 4:5. Paul ends this thought with “fulfill your ministry”. I wonder how many pastors, and ministers are fulfiling their ministry by living an evangelistic life? This life would have to be one of personal witnessing and praying for lost souls to be saved.

I think we can all conclude that that a full and meaningful life in ministry is one that includes an active life filled with witnessing conversations and looking for opportunities to share the gospel. The only way the church of Jesus Christ will experience a Holy Spirit-Gospel movement will be when Jesus’ followers begin to tell the world about Jesus. What America needs today more than anything else is for the gospel to be communicated regularly by born again Chrisitans.

When pastors begin to equip their church members how to share the gospel and lead their congregations into thier communities, town, and cities proclaiming the gospel truth, only then will we see a brokenness for the lost and a passion well up in their hearts to reach those without Christ. The brokenness will then lead to a revival of the church and result in a spiritual awakening across our communities, towns and cities and our nation.

Evangelism is not about going to witness as much as it is about obeying the Great Missionary Commission of Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus commanded His church to go and make disciples. So the question is not about should you go but will you go. Our obedience will lead to seeing a revival and a great movement of God’s Spirit and then will we see thousands of lost people come to Christ.


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