Intentional Community Evangelism is Going Forward

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Conversational Evangelism, Evangelism Dynamics, Evangelism techniques, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Prayer Evangelism, Revival Evangelism

Intentional Community Evangelism
The Intentional Community Evangelism (ICE) strategy can help your church be intentional about reaching your community for Christ through hands-on evangelistic opportunities, community ministry, prayer walking and follow-up.

With training in each of those four areas implemented over a 12-month period, the ICE strategy culminates in a week or weekend of witnessing saturation in a chosen target community. Typically, teams of 2 or 3 individuals engage people in evangelistic conversations.

A weekend spent street witnessing or sharing at a block party usually produces several people who trusted in Jesus Christ. The training will strengthen church members in discipling and mentoring new believers. Equip aggressive soul-winners in the ICE approach and develop your own ICE team.

Interested? Call for information about manual and training resources. 

When you’re ready to implement ICE, contact us (770-500-8999) or for a consultant. Resources are available for purchase by CD or by individual resources. Just let us know about your plans.



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