Thoughts Turned toward God

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Evangelism Dynamics, Evangelism techniques, Missional Evangelism, Prayer Evangelism, Revival Evangelism

Do we miss God when we focus on the large  metro or city, instead of reaching the small town or reaching 4 the crowd instead of one person LK 19 . Find the  Zacchaeus in the crowd, the one person who is searching for God. He is the person who is inquiring about God. This is the person who is open to hear the gospel, who is willing to hear your personal testimony. This individual will be receptive to hear a word about Jesus Christ. Salvation will come to him or her and their whole household.

We learn from reading God’s Word how He works so when God is working around us, we will be able to recognize the activity of God and join Him. Experience God

Turn your worry, anxiety, concerns, troubles into prayers. You will get more out of taking these to God than you dealing with them. Victor H Benavides


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