What if you when down a road after several miles and realized you had missed an opportunity. What if you had determined a particular course to take because it is someone’s idea or pet- project. If you listen to the national news or Internet news sites the homeless rate is increasing weekly. Are we missing a great opportunity to reach, minister and share Jesus?

On one national news report a school district Representative stated that last year their district had 1,500 students who were homeless. In 2011 the percentage was higher. Not even are there elementary, middle school, and high school children who are homeless, there are students attending colleges and universities who are homeless. At a local university, a student asked for food and a place to sleep because he is homeless, even though he is a registered student and attending classes.

A real need that is hitting home literally is the increasing number of families who are becoming  homeless. Families are having to live our of their cars and in tents across our communities as fathers and mothers are losing their jobs. This is a real need that our churches can meet by assisting these struggling families.

Yes we need to start new churches, because some of the existing churches are doing very little to nothing to meet these hurting people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual needs. Is this what Jesus called self-righteousness? Hopefully the new churches will focus on meeting the needs of the homeless but what if they are only focused on reaching the middle class, or affluent or the millennial’s and follow in the foot steps of the existing churches? Then will these new churches be just like the established churches?

Christians have missed opportunities to minister in Jesus name over the years and lost opportunities to connect and reach their communities. Meeting physical needs is building a bridge to earn the right to share the Good News. Are the churches missing an opportunity to share Jesus by not starting more ministry centers that provide food, a hot meal, clothes, shelters for homeless families?

Starting a church is a good thing if its DNA has community ministry and evangelism built into it. The New Testament, primarily the gospels and the book of Acts has many examples of the New Testament church doing ministry internally and externally. Internally we are to help our church family. Externally we are to help the families with the intent of sharing Jesus with them and leading them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In three or five years will the church look back the road it is currently traveling and realize that a great opportunity was missed? We may have many new churches across the country but in the meantime we will have missed a sector of people who had a great need and the church universal missed connecting and reaching them with the gospel.


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