I am seeing a new movement of God that is not man made. This movement is sweeping up people from every Christian Denomination. No they are not singing a new song. No they are not quoting a new verse, No they are not becoming more servant-minded. What they are doing is boldly proclaiming the Good News. They are not afraid to proclaim the gospel.

Today, it seems that many pastors and denominational leaders are dumbing down, suppressing and watering down the gospel for fear of offending someone, or causing someone discomfort over their sinful lifestyle. God forbid that Jesus had taken that attitude.

If Jesus had been worried about offending anyone He would most likely not preached on the Beatitudes found the Gospel of Matthew. He would not have preached to the people about their sin and the coming judgment. He would not have tangled with the religious leaders of His day about their about their backslidden and hypocritical lifestyles

Today I am hearing of the true Christ followers found in every denomination who are resisting the liberal direction or the decisions to implement ungodly actions that violate God’s laws, guidelines and boundaries for godly and holy living.

Christ followers from the Episcopal Church left when the denomination ordained a homosexual priest. This group of men and people are planting churches near college campuses and are preaching the gospel to college students who are desiring a more liturgical service.

Christ followers from the Lutheran church like the group from the Lutheran Hour are making parade floats proclaiming God’s Ten Commandments and a message of eternal life as a promise from God for all who believe in Jesus.

God is not concerned about any particular denomination. He is more concerned about a people who will take Him at His Word and evangelize, witness, share the good news, proclaim Jesus to a world without Christ that is headed for a literal hell Luke 16:19-31.

God has been known in past history to have used a denomination that was seeking to obey and follow Him. He has used several to proclaim His message and do His work. But when the denomination lost sight of God’s plan, God’s vision and their plan and vision became the “main thing” it is as though God removed His hand off them, and they became just another denomination with no real impact for God’s kingdom and not reaching the lost.

What the American church needs today is a man in the pulpit who is more concerned about doing God’s will, preaching God’s Word, evangelizing the lost and not so concerned about politics, or the 

What the American church needs today is a man in the pulpit who is more concerned about doing God’s will, preaching God’s Word, evangelizing the lost and not so concerned about politics, or the prominence or prestige.

We all need to ask God to break our hearts for Him. We all need to repent of our selfish desires and selfish ambitions. We should seek to be last and not first. I believe if we do not begin a movement of repentance and desiring God more, in the very near future, our country could be under the Islamic rule and our children’s children might be worshipping the god of a false religion.

Why do I say this? The followers of Mohammed are more committed than the average church member. Children of this religion are encouraged from a young age that to die for their faith is a sacrifice to their god.

Most Christians instead teach their children not to go to the mission field whether in the city or in another country for fear of being killed for their Jesus. I am not saying we should raise our children to be martyr’s. But are we teaching that it could mean that you might have to die for your faith.  

What we need is more committed evangelistic Christians who are not ashamed to tell someone about Jesus Christ. We all need to say, “Send me Lord Jesus”, “Use me Lord Jesus”.

I want to be used by God in whatever group of Christ followers are serious about obeying God and proclaiming Jesus to lost people. Evangelism is about obedience and living holy.


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