Our ministry has a ball cap that we designed with “Life Search and Rescue” at the top. There is a cross at the center of the cap and at the bottom of the cross is the phrase “Jesus loves you”. It is also on the back of the cap. Recently I a pastor got one of our caps. That morning he received a call from church member that she was leaving her abusive husband.

It turns out that the pastor had had an earlier conversation with the young couple who were having marital problems, due to the husband not being a follower of Jesus Christ. After a long conversation with the man the pastor asked the young man if he was ready to turn from his sins and place his faith in Jesus. The man said “I am not ready right now.”

The pastor took off the cap and pointed out the “Jesus loves you” on the front. He explained to the man how much Jesus loved him and how Jesus died on the cross for his sins. He said to him that every time he saw the phrase “Jesus loves you” he wanted the man to be reminded of what Jesus went through for him.

The pastor left the Life Search and Rescue cap with the man. The man thanked him and hugged him. He told the pastor that he would be at church on Sunday morning.

This story reminded me of why I constantly encourage pastors to make sure their ministry is intentionally evangelistic. Make sure all of the church’s as some verse or message revealing God’s love, or Jesus love for people. Even your ball cap can become an evangelistic tool.


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