Experiencing a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Personal Evangelism

 Someone once said, “As the church goes, so goes the nation.” As we examine the path our nation, our cities, our communities and our homes have gone, how would we answer the above question? If we were to examine the spiritual vital signs of our nation what would our report contain? In other words what would your report say about the condition of our country?

 Jesus Christ gave His church a mandate to go and make disciples. As Dr. Tom Johnston, professor of evangelism wroteMatthew 28:19is about “winning disciples” (Understanding Evangelizology). We all need to ask the question “How is the church doing in winning disciples?” Is your church intentionally evangelistic? Are your members living a godly life before its neighbors so that lost people are knocking on our doors, whether the church or our homes to know Jesus? Yes this does happen. Is your church making a difference were you live, work, and play?

 What our nation needs today is a Spirit empowered “Pentecost” Evangelistic Resurgence. The Bible tells us that the Spirit fills us at the moment of our salvation. Jesus said we must be born again by God’s Spirit. But then each believer has to strive, to live in a way to allow the Spirit to have liberty to work and empower.

 A “Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence” will begin through several avenues but it must first begin in the believer. Each person needs to bow before the Lord Jesus and confess sin and be broken for his or her sin. God will then take the offering of brokenness and turn it into a blessing of being filled with the Holy Spirit. God will turn up the flowing of the Spirit in the believer and its church.

 Men cannot vote in a “Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence”. It can not be legislated by a group of politicians; it cannot be forced into reality. God’s Word must be the basis for a real Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence. Believers confessing their sin and brokenness over their sin precede a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence.

 I have taught and said for years that we evangelize from the over flow of our walk with God. Before we can witness in the power of the Holy Spirit, we must first be filled with His power. Confession and brokenness over our sin is tearing down the obstacles created by the sin in our lives. When you remove the blockage then God’s Spirit has freedom to work in and through us. We release the power of the Spirit through confession of sin.

 Every Church, every pastor, every believer must allow the Spirit liberty and the freedom to work in order for us to see a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence. If the church will confess sin and be broken over its sin, then the nation will change. Until then, “As the church goes, so goes the nation.”  Will you pray that God would convict reveal your sin and then be broken for sinning against Him? Then maybe we can position ourselves to see a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence.

 As I readActs 2some questions came to mind about what it would take for today’s church to experience a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence.

 1. What would a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence look like?

    a. God’s people gather together for prayer seeking God’s Spirit to fill them

    b. Pray that God would give you the compassion to reach the lost

    c. Ask the Lord to give show how to connect and reach your community with the gospel

 2. What are the characteristics of a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence?

   a. Confess and brokenness over sin

   b.  Burden for reaching lost people

   c. Actively seeking the Lord through prayer for His presence

   d. Intentionality for reaching lost people

   e. Every believer actively sharing the gospel

   f. Every church ministry is evangelistic in nature, building relationships to share Christ

   g. Lost people coming to faith in Jesus

   h. New believers baptized

   i. New believers discipled

   j. The church grows mainly by people saved and not transfer of letter

 3. What must we do to prepare for a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence?

  a. Pastor cast the Acts 2 vision for seeking God through confessing sin and brokenness

  b. Lead and prepare your staff through bible study and example

  c. Lead and prepare your church through preaching, bible study and example

  d. Develop a strategy to intentionally connect and reach your community with the gospel

  e. Select an evangelistic approach, (go to http://www.m28evangelism.com/ for ideas)

  f. Implement the plan. Go win disciples!


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