Believers and churches are in need of a movement of God’s Spirit in our hearts and in our churches. Over Ninety percent of our churches have not seen a Pentecost Evangelistic movement of God in years if at all. Many believers will die without ever sharing their faith. They most likely attend a church that does not teach, nor practice or live out Spirit-led evangelism. What a sad commentary on the pulpits in churches acrossAmerica.  

 Recently, a seminary professor on staff with a Southern Baptist school of theology wrote that “Korean students coming from churches inKoreawere more evangelistic than the American students who were raised in American churches.” Our pastors, staffs, deacons, and Sunday School groups are not teaching evangelism nor living it. If we fail to reproduce leaders for the harvest, then we fail. 

 Our churches are in desperate need for aActs 2Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence. When we consider a movement of this type we must ask “what would the marks of God initiated, Spirit-led movement look like”? The book of Acts chapter 2 is the best place to begin.

 This is the second question of three, “For us to see a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence? Let’s consider the Marks.

 2. What are the marks of a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence? I have listed some distinctives; this is not a completed list. Depending on the context of your church or personal lifestyle you might include other attributes.

 For us to grasp the characteristics of a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence we should examine and dissectActs 2and other of the Pauline writings. The Lord has given usActs 2as a foundation source for a Pentecost Evangelistic movement. I have read this chapter numerous times, studied the passages, and done word studies in the Greek to try to get the intended meaning of each word and the intended lesson or teaching. Below are my findings.

  a. Confess and brokenness over sin (Acts 5)

  b. Burden for reaching lost people (Acts 3; 4; 7; 8:25-40; 10; 11:19-30; 13; 14; 15; 16:9-10;  

    Acts 17; 18; 19;Matthew 9:35-38; Luke10:2;Romans 10:1)

  c. Actively seeking the Lord through prayer for His presence (Acts 4:31;

  d. Intentionality for reaching lost people (Acts 3; 4; 7; 8; 10; 13; 16; 17; 18; 19; 23; 24; 25;


  e. Every believer actively sharing the gospel (Acts 2:4-13; 4:29-20; 14:3)

  f. Every church ministry is evangelistic in nature, building relationships to share Christ

     (Acts 2:41- 47; 4:1-4; 4:32-5:14; 9:31; 9:32-35, 36-42, 11:19-24; 14:1, 19-22;  

  g. Lost people coming to faith in Jesus (Acts 2:41- 47; 4:1-4; 4:32-5:14; 9:31; 9:32-35, 36-

     42, 11:19-24; 14:1, 19-22; 16:5; 17:12)

  h. New believers baptized (Acts 2:41; 8:35-39)

  i. New believers discipled (Acts 2:44, 46-47)

  j. The church grows mainly by people saved and not transfer of letter (Acts 2:41, 47; 4:4; 5:14; 6:1; 7; 9:31, 35, 42; 11:21, 24; 14:1, 21; 16:5. 17:21)


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