Part IV of Experiencing A Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Personal Evangelism

This is the third step in the church to experiencing a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence. What the church needs today is not another movement of man, but a movement of God. If a movement is of man, it will fail or be overthrown, see Acts 5:38-39. But if God creates the movement then it will flourish and there can be no stopping it.

 So what must we do to prepare for a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence?  What examples or evidence do we find the book of Acts and in the New Testament? What action steps do we need to implement? I have listed just a few action steps. Depending on your situation or circumstance you might suggest a few other actions.  

 1. Pastor cast the Acts 2 vision for the church.

   a. Church gathers seeking God through

  • confessing sin
  • and brokenness

 2. Pastor leads and prepares the staff through bible study and example

 3. Pastor and staff lead and prepare the church leadership through sermons, Bible study, and example

 4. Pastor and staff lead and prepare the church through sermons, bible study, group meetings and example

 4. Develop a strategy to intentionally connect and reach your community with the gospel   Strategy to include:

  • Praying for and in the community
  • Evangelism training: two types
    • Proclamation Evangelism
    • Presence Evangelism
  • Follow-up Training: two types
    • Conventional
    • Unconventional

(For more information on the above see chapters 15 and 16 in “Breaking the Evangelism Code” for an exposition on both topics.)

  5. Select an evangelistic strategy and approach, (go to for ideas)

  6. Go Implement the plan. Go win disciples!






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