June 10th I am traveling to New Orleans to work with a mission team composed of believers to spend 5 days evangelizing on the streets and in the communities of metropolitanNew Orleans. The residents of metro New Orleanshave seen a transformation of sorts since Hurricane Katrina.

One area of change is the openness to Southern Baptists because of the loving hand that local and out of state Southern Baptists showed toward Louisianans’ with the aftermath of Katrina. Dr. Chuck Kelley president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has commented on several occasions that the harvest fields of NOLA are ripe.

About twenty believers are coming together to work with various churches to share the gospel. In order to help prepare the churches several trainings were offered which  included prayerwalking the communities, evangelism methods and follow-up with new believers. The churches have been prayerwalking the communities and streets that the witness teams will focus their efforts for the week of June 10-15, 2012.

Reaching the urbanites was a ministry that Jesus began as seen in Scripture asLuke 10:1-2and numerous other New Testament passages. The first mass evangelistic effort by the New Testament Church is in Acts 2:1-47. This is the first Pentecost Evangelistic Movement by God through the New Testament Church.

The Community Evangelism Teams will continue to follow this biblical practice as modeled by the early church believers. Our Metropolitan centers are in great need for the church to experience a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence. A Christian business man fromSan Diego,California who has help fund and coordinate an evangelistic effort for the last sixteen years to reach lost people said, “Lost people need Jesus, will you tell them about Him.”

New Orleanspopulation has shifted and the dynamics have changed. But the spiritual awareness is at a new level of openness. After praying and seeking the Lord’s direction, I decided to trust the Lord and help churches evangelize lost people. I know that some of the other team members have been praying for souls to be saved and for a movement of God. Please join us, pray for souls, our protection and maybe even join us in the mission field and tell someone about Jesus Christ.

You can learn more about obedience to the Great Commision in my book “Breaking the Evangelism Code,” with Crossbooks a division of LifeWay. Evaneelism is about obedience. Jesus did not tell me to try to figure out how to evangelize lost people. He commanded me to go and evangelize lost people. He will direct me how and when to fulfill His commandment to witness.  

If you can’t come to New Orleansthen pray for the churches and the witness teams. If you want to help by financially supporting the efforts you can by sending an email to  You can learn about my ministry by going to


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