In a recent article by a denominational Christian mission board, it was reported that “Some 880 SBC churches die every year. And 70 percent of our churches are either plateaued or declining. Churches do have an inevitable life cycle but we don’t want to any of them die without a fight.” ( If you are a pastor and you find yourself in a battle for survival for your church let me offer you some action steps to help you help your church to turn the tide and give you a fighting chance.

First you should begin an intentional pray ministry in your church and in your community. Form an on going prayer ministry to pray for the pastor, staff, Bible teachers and all leadership. Pray for all church members, and children and youth to be in right relation with God and each other. Pray to God seeking the Lord to reveal any sin, and to break your heart over sin. Restore broken relationships. See Genesis 32-33:11, and Psalm 51:3. Also form prayerwalking teams to begin prayerwalking every street in a 1 mile, 2 -5 mile radius surrounding your church.

Second begin equipping your church in an intentional witness training for your church. You can use “GRACE Evangelism found on website. Train your members how to share a gospel tract and how to give an evangelistic appeal like Jesus and later His disciples commonly practiced.

Third pray and ask God to show your church a need in the community and then ask Him to help you meet the need through volunteers and raising funds. This step will help your church to develop a presence in the community and not just have a location.

Four, form follow-up teams to share the gospel and for follow-up visits in homes. Also form community evangelism teams to distribute gospel tracts and share the gospel at block parites, parades, and commuity events.

These are just four actions steps you can implement in your church to turn the tide of decline and dying off. The only way a church can grow is to reach lost people with the gospel, disciple and baptize them. If we will obey Jesus command to go and make disciples then God will grow the church.

For the last ten years I have helped churches across the nation that needed revitalizing because they were plateaued or declining. My experience and practices if implemented have helped churches be renewed and double in worship attendance. There are couple of resources that I want to share with you.

Image Breaking the Evangelism Code contains stories and examples of using various witnessing methods in the metros across our nation. Over 22,000 professions of faith were recorded in ten years. You will learn about the approaches and practices that Jesus used found in Scripture.

Image The second resource GRACE Evangelism is a newly released witness training piece. This resource will equip a believer how to use one of two ways to share the gospel. The first way is by sharing your grace story of salvation. The second way is to use the GRACE acronym which is:

GOD’S Purpose, The RIGHT Way to God, Give an ACCOUNT to God, CHRIST JESUS Paid our Sin Debt, ETERNAL LIFE. There is selected verses to use with each point.

My prayer for you and your church is you will experience a Acts 2:1-4 Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence. If your church is plateaued or declining, before you can be an Acts 1:8 you must be an Acts 2:1-4 and following verses.

For more informaiton on revitatlizing your church go to


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