Last night we went on a church visit to follow-up with a visitor who attended our contemporary service. When we arrived at the motel we realized the person had given us the incorrect room number which resulted in meeting Tony. He is not saved but knows a lot about the Bible.
 He was very talkative and we finally were able to get into a witnessing conversation. Tony said that he was looking for Church to join so he could include the information on his application for the Masons.
 I asked Tony “if he died today would God let you into heaven.” He said he hoped that God would let him in. At that point we shared the gospel with Tony. Realizing that he was not saved and need to be God’s forgiveness and salvation, he said that he wanted to make the decision in church. After trying to persuade him not to wait he affirmed that he would come to our church in two weeks. 
 On our way out I engaged several other tenets from Washington State and  gave them gospel tracts. The husband professed to be a believer. We invited them to join us for worship on Sunday. They asked where our church was located.
 As we were walking away, the man’s wife called us back. She informed us about a couple of young women who were prostitutes living in room two doors down from them.
 So I walked over and engaged their pimp who was getting out what looked like surgical needles to shoot them up with drugs.  I gave them gospel tracts and tried to talk with them but getting high was their focus. One of the young women asked what the booklet was about, and I told her that it described God’s love. I said, “it tells you how to get to heaven from Marietta,GA.They turned and walked into their motel room.
 Our obedience to witness led to several conversations. Last week I was in inner city New Orleans where our evangelism teams led 371 people to faith in Jesus Christ. Evangelism is about obedience and holy living. Jesus commanded us to go and make or win disciples. The question is not whether you should go and witness, but rather will you go and witness. 
 I am praying for the people at this motel in inner city Marietta,GA to be saved. The inner city in Atlanta, GA has shifted and is now in the suburbs. We just need to obey and go work the harvest fields.
 Every believer has a role in the process of some one coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “For in this case the saying is true, ‘One sows and another reaps.’ I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored and you have entered into their labor.”John 4:37-38.



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