On June 11  a wave hit New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a wave of committed men and women who journeyed to work and mentor  local churches in the urban context and with major level students. The twenty-one missionary evangelists covered New Orleans through a wave of conversational evangelism and souls have been changed.

Eleven local churches participated in community evangelism June 11-15, 2012. The after math of the wave of evangelistic conversations and prayerwalking up and down streets was 371 lost souls trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior. They were on  a road to hell and are now on a road to heaven.

Over the last ten years of leading almost 30 similar events in inner cities across America, I have learned that there are so many stories to share of how God worked to save a someone. Every story reveals the power of the saving grace of God. Not only are lost people changed but the witnesses who go out to share the gospel have life changing experiences as well. Pastors, staff and church leaders are impacted and some churches that were dying were revitalized, churches that were plateaued were energized. Congregations were set on fire and the Holy Spirit had freedom and liberty to work through the church to reach a community without Christ.

In New Orleans one of the churches that I had the privilege of working with was Carrollton Avenue Baptist Church. Pastor Brian Weber and his leadership worked hard to prepare their community by prayerwalking  up and down streets for several weeks. They had already connected with their neighbors through various ministries.

Since Katrina the face of New Orleans has changed. It is more multi-cultural, meaning more Hispanics and neighborhoods are mixed in race. Few areas were left as they were prior to Katrina. This is true for Carrollton Ave Church. June 10-15 was another opportunity to see a spiritual change in the climate of the community and in the people. Praise to God His will was done. Believers went out to make disciples.

Some believers have doubted whether this type of evangelism really works. We see examples in the New Testament that Jesus and His disciples lived this approach. After Jesus ascension the New Testament Church continued to practice this approach of evangelism.

Does it still work is the question many have proposed? I received a text from Pastor Brian Weber on July 2nd 2012, He wrote, “Victor, Crossover is having an effect on our services. I baptized one and have another four planned. The attendance in our services is up about 30. Each week people are coming forward to receive Christ!” Wow! God is still in the life changing business.

I have seen this same experience happen several times. Sometimes the evidence does not show up for a couple of weeks. It is vital for the church to continue to reach out to the community to let them know the church cares. They need to continue to pray that God’s Spirit would remind people to read the tracts they received and draw people to Himself. The Bible says that “God’s Word does not return void,” Isaiah 55:11.

What we need is more followers of Jesus Christ who are ashamed of communicating, sharing, and telling others the Good News about Jesus Christ. What we need is a Pentecost Evangelistic Resurgence to begin in our hearts and in our churches. I am praying that God would start in my heart and use me to proclaim Jesus to others in His power and boldness.


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