Church and Community Revitalization

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Personal Evangelism

Church and Community Revitalization

In October of 2002 our team of missionary evangelists traveled to East St. Louis, Ill and worked with New Life Community Church and pastor Kendall Granger. His church was meeting in what had been a rehabilitation center. For three days we worked along side pastor Granger and a handful of his church members, the majority men. The teams scattered into the community they shared the gospel with mostly teens, 20 and 30 years old.

Because of the high drub infestation STD’s were also high in the community. There was also a high rate of crime, shootings and assaults. Through much prayer by New Life Community and the strong witness numerous people met Jesus and their lives were changed. Because of the pastor’s vision and burden to reach his community and the many prayers New Life is doing exactly that giving people an opportunity for a new life in Jesus Christ.

Tom Brokaw featured New Life Community Church in a speical Across America. This church continues to impact its community with the hope of the new life in Christ. To watch the short video by Tom Brokaw on New Life Community Church click on the “Church and Community Revitalization” tab above.


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