One of the churches I attended before surrendering by faith to Jesus Christ played a song almost every Sunday. “Nothing is impossible if you believe in the Lord.” What a divine truth. Scripture is clear Jesus said to the young rich ruler, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26.

This is also true for evangelism. Why? Because evangelism is a work of God about His Son Jesus, with the power of the  Holy Spirit through believers who have trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. A true witness who is prepared in the power of the Holy Spirit is a “prepared witness”.

Below is a part of the Day Two from the “The Prepared: A 30 Day Evangelistic Devotion”

Day Two

Evangelism is Impossible without God’s Spirit


Acts 1:8 Jesus said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” (NASB)


Focus:  Evangelism is not of man, but of God’s empowering Spirit. If you try to witness in the flesh you may fail or have a bad experience in the witnessing encounter. We need God’s empowering spirit to witness.

Evangelism is not a difficult thing to practice. It is an impossible thing to live, on the human side. The good news is when we receive God’s spirit at salvation. He gives us all we need to do evangelism, which is His Holy Spirit power. It is God working through us to be His witnesses according to 2 Corinthians 5:20. We are “Ambassadors for Christ as though God is making the appeal through us.”

To read more of day two order a copy of “The Prepared Witness” by Dr. Victor Benavides.  Available soon on and Christian book stores.  “The Prepared Witness is an accompaniment to “Breaking The Evangelism Code.”


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