Recently I heard a young pastor preach on the church needing an awakening to urgency for evangelizing our community and the world. He stated that America was changing everyday.  And it was time the church stood up for what it believed. The sermon text was on John 4 were Jesus waited on the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.

Jesus witnessed to the woman, He told her he had living water which is an Old Testament reference used to described God. Jesus even told her of her sinful life style without condemning her. The woman responded to Jesus in a way that He desires for every believer to respond. She got up and went back into town and began to testify, to witness that she had found the Messiah.

Jesus never told her to “Come follow Me.” He never told her she was to go and make disciples. The woman had heard Divine Truth, Jesus witness and prophesy and her faith in Jesus drove her to go evangelize the town. This is what New Testament looks like.

Below in day three from “The Prepared Witness” we take a look at how Jesus conducted and gives us an example how to evangelize.

Day Three

What Does Biblical Evangelism Look Like?


Luke 19:5 “When Jesus came to the place, He looked up and said to him, ‘Zaccheus, hurry and come down, for today I must stay at your house.” (NASB)

Focus: Today consider how evangelism, witnessing should look in comparison to Jesus’ avenues for reaching the lost.

Evangelism is not a bad word. In New Testament language, evangelism means “good news,” but somehow it has become a practice of action or bad news for some people. When Christians do not allow the Holy Spirit to lead them in the witnessing conversation the result is aggressive or forceful evangelism.

In truth, God has given us simple strategies for evangelism. To discover what biblical evangelism looks like, you need to read and study the New Testament. The gospels and the book of Acts contain the methods, plans, and approaches for engaging lost people with the salvation message of Christ. They contain God’s strategy for taking the good news to the entire world.

To read more of Day Three from the “The Prepared Witness” A 30 Day Evangelistic Devotional, you can order a copy. Coming soon to; and book stores.


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