Did you ever play the game as a child “Follow the Leader?” In this game you must do or mimic the person who is the leader. You walk were they walk, act like they would and jump, climb and run. Imagines are probably running through you mind as you read this blog.

Jesus called and commanded everyone who professes His Name to “Follow” Him. If you desire and picture yourself living as Jesus lived, then you are following Jesus, our Leader. He is our role model, our example how we are to witness to others. We are to do evangelism like Jesus.

In day seven of “The Prepared Witness” you will read about “Jesus as Our Role Model for Evangelism.”


Day Seven

Jesus as Our Role Model for Evangelism

Mark 1:17 “And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” (NASB)

Focus: To become the Witness God’s desire you to be.

Jesus Christ is the Evangel incarnate. He is the fullest expression of a human being as a committed soul winner, sold out to God’s purpose and the message of salvation. Jesus was the supreme evangelist and soul-winner.

His message and method constitute the heart of evangelism. No one will ever be a more perfect evangelist than He. So we must follow His way in making disciples who follow Him.

His evangelism strategy was flawless. He came to make disciples—followers who would take His message to all people’s, all nations.

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