An Evangelism Renaissance is Needed Right Now!

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Personal Evangelism

With the continued severe decline of morality in America what is the church’s course of action? Do we go into the closet? Do we implement the “Rope a Dope” technique (see Mohammed Ali’s boxing styles). Do we open our churches and start 24/7 prayer ministries? Do we throw in the towel? Do we continue to allow depraved people and groups to beat the church down like a bully in a school yard? As the apostle Paul might say, the work of the devil hindered him spreading the gospel in some areas or going to others. How should we respond so that Jesus is glorified?

 As I read and study the book of Acts and the letters of the apostle Paul, what I find and see is a church that truly believed Jesus was the Christ. They truly believed He is God in the flesh and provided forgiveness for all. Jesus commanded that apostles to proclaim the gospel to all peoples (nations). They in turn taught this to their converts to go and proclaim the gospel to other peoples.

 In Acts when the Jewish Christians, the Hebraist would not take the gospel to the Gentiles God used the discontentment over Greek widows not getting their share of food to raise up seven spirit filled men of the Hellenist Jewish Christian realm. God then used two of these men to proclaim the gospel to the Gentiles. One of those men Stephen preached to the Jewish religious leaders a condemning and convicting message. The result was his death by stoning followed by a severe persecution of the church in Jerusalem.

 The apostle Paul began to ravaging the church, dragging off men and women and imprisoned them. The pressure was so severe that many of the Christians in Jerusalem fled for their lives taking the gospel with them.

 As they fled, Matthew 28:19 “as you are going”, they spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every city and place they entered. God sent out His teams of missionary evangelists boldly proclaiming the gospel Acts 8:4.

 With this weeks sad outcome by the Supreme Court giving a group, a movement of people who choose to live a style contrary to God’s Word, rights that were given to people living in a biblical example of a relationship, one man and one women, biologically. It is time for the church to prayerfully consider God’s model of missionary evangelists’ teams.

 What should be our course of action? If we observe carefully the history recorded in Acts, God used times of persecution to mobilize His church. As they went they spread the gospel. This seemed to be a very effective method. It is divine methodology for spreading the gospel.

 Southern Baptists have seen the effectiveness of this method over the last 18 years. It works in the metropolitan centers across America and in small cites and rural areas as well. This evangelistic strategy accompanied with a disciple making process could lead to a church planting movement in our cities of all sizes such as we have not seen in our life time.

 We not only need more churches, but we need new converts, saved people filling those churches. A key ingredient is a team of men and women who are willing to implement the apostle  Paul’s methods and well as Barnabas’ and others was to leave a team of spiritually mature Christians to disciple and help raise up leaders for these new churches.

 Recently, I facilitated a team of seminary students from four schools who evangelized in the communities of thirteen church areas. The result was 248 souls who placed their faith in Jesus Christ. This is a good thing! But what would be better is to have a team of students or individuals who can commit to work with the churches to disciple these new believers for six to twelve months.

 It is a reality still today and it a sad commentary on some churches, but some churches will not be receive their new born brothers and sisters in Christ for various reasons. We can take a bad situation and turn it into an opportunity to start a new church work in that community who will take in the new believers. Just like the early church did in Acts 13-27.

 The early church commissioned certain men who God called to do this ministry. They were willing and committed to the process and life. Luke recorded Paul’s journeys, methods, messages and sufferings. We have the basis plan to build in Scripture. We need to pray for the men who God will call and has called to implement the strategy.

 What shall we do in response to the historical Supreme Court ruling? Preach the Word! Preach it continually, clearly, intentionally and making lasting disciples then group the new converts into churches of all sizes and in many locations. This is a New Testament plan that will work because it already worked. Do we send out missionary evangelism teams or do we sit back and wait for the next blow from the bully? 


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