victorbenavides NOLA 6  2012

In 2000 I went on a mission trip to a Middle Eastern country to reach a particular people group. During my ten day trip I learned how to prayerwalk the streets and community of various cities in this mega-metro-city. We prayerwalked up and down long stair wells, and up inclined streets and narrow streets and in some of the religious centers.

Our team saw God’s Spirit move. We saw God move in places that our in country contacts told us had never experienced a movement of God. We saw people get freaked out because they had experienced God’s Spirit and did not know what was happening. In one instance, people who were meeting in a time of “prayer” jumped up and ran out of the building we were praying in. We asked God that His Spirit would fill the place and He did!

God allowed me to bring home and implement this New Testament approach to prayer in a ministry at a large local mobile home community. People were saved the first summer and many lives touched. Then God moved me to a national ministry so that I could continue teaching churches and believers to implement the prayerwalking approach. In the span of ten plus years, over 22,000 people prayed to receive Jesus’ payment for their sins and to receive His forgiveness and salvation.

I have seen churches struggling on the verge of decline get revitalized and grow, and some double and others built new worship centers, because they prayerwalked their community asking God work in the people’s lives.

My ministry took me into urban, rural and suburban churches, but primarily urban. I facilitated and trained the churches how to pray for their communities. We gained a lot information about revitalizing churches to reach their communities.

First we taught the churches that they needed to prayerwalk their communities before seeing a harvest. Why? Jesus taught that there are four spiritual soils of the heart that need cultivating. One of the benefits to prayerwalking is that puts feet on the ground and creates several opportunities.

Here are ten reasons why your church should have a prayer ministry and prayerwalking teams.

1. You get feet into the community which creates points of connecting (meet face to face) with your neighbors.

2. You have opportunity to ask for prayer requests. People in all situations really want someone to pray for them.

3. You then create an opportunity for follow up

4. Prayerwalking also creates opportunities to share the gospel

5. You build relationships

6. You build a presence

7. You build a bridge to the church

8. You create opportunities to have evangelistic events

9. You create avenues for people to get saved

10 You are creating arenas for God to show up!

There is value in prayerwalking in your communities to see a harvest. The result can be increased awareness by your community for your church, your people. Also you will see increased opportunities to share Christ with people.  To learn more about prayerwalking go to or email


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