Eleven Reasons Why the Church should do door to door visits

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Personal Evangelism

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I am a student of God’s Word. And as I have prepared and taught lessons on the “Life and Teachings of Jesus” as an adjunct teacher, I see Scripture reaffirmed biblical principles that never change. Man- made methods change but biblical methods are eternal.

In the Gospels, we read that Jesus visited people in their homes. This was a common practice, habit and approach Jesus lived. He visited the home of the Pharisees. He went to the home of Matthew a tax collector who eventually became one of Jesus’ disciples (Matthew 9). He went to Zacchaeus’ home and led him and his family to believe in Him by faith (Luke 19). Jesus went to the ruler’s home, Matthew 9, and resuscitated the dead girl.

These are some biblical examples of Jesus making home visits. Now if you say, but that was over 2,000 years ago and it doesn’t work today. Hear this caution. God’s Word is relevant for the ages. It is always relevant. God’s principles never cease being relevant. Could it be that today some believe that God’s Word does not work. Be careful that you think you are smarter than God and have a new and better way?

Our church has six affinity groups that meet on Sunday morning. The groups consist of six services or meetings, Blended, Contemporary, Brazilian, Spanish, Korean, and children’s. For example the Contemporary service is multi-cultural, really it is an international service with people from around the world who attend.

Our pastors and members make a concerted effort to follow up with everyone who visits one of our services or groups on Sunday morning. Recently, a lady with a sweet spirit, who is African American called our church. She requested to be baptized. After meeting with her and attending a baptism class she stepped into the baptismal waters during the Contemporary Service.

During the Baptism class she told how every time she drove past our church she would begin to cry. She said she knew and felt that she was supposed to join our church and get involved. It turns out that she had come to faith in Jesus while reading a book that focuses on living a life with purpose. She said she had prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

It turned out that someone from our church had contacted her several weeks earlier but she was not at home and they had left a message. She indicated that she had been waiting for weeks for the individual to contact her a second time. I have to admit we are not perfect but we try to do our best for the glory of God.

Where we fall short thanks to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He works in spite of us. On another visit, just hours ago, the person we were intending to visit had moved. But the new tenants and some friends who were visiting them, gladly spoke to us. It turns out they had just moved in and were looking for a church. If we had not returned for another follow up visit, we would have not met the new owners.

So if you are looking for some reasons why your church should consider conducting “door to door visits, here are “Eleven reasons”.

1. It shows the community your church does really care about them by having a face to face encounter

2. Now they know someone from your church and they will not feel like total strangers

3. You meet new people where they are in life: transition, crisis, just doing life

4. You get an opportunity to minister to hurting people/families

5. You make friends with people who may not be followers of Jesus Christ

6. You get an opportunity to share the gospel with new people

7. You can invite them to visit a Bible study group, worship or fellowship

8. You get to build a relationship with lost people

9. You get to see God’s Spirit work and transform lost people into believers in Jesus Christ

10. You get to be part of God’s work in seeing lost people born into His kingdom as they trust in Jesus

11. You live as a New Testament Christian making Jesus known to the lost world.



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