The One Day “Door To Door” visits are Expected

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Personal Evangelism

“I am scared.”  “I do not like going to a total stranger’s home unannounced.” “I think it is rude to just show up without calling first.” There is a misconception that has been running through our churches for several years about making home visits. This approach has been called “Door to Door” visitation or evangelism. There is a movement among some pastors, church planters, and church members who have fallen for the lie that “Door to Door visits/evangelism” does not work anymore.  Some have said that “it just will not work today.” Some say “it is not relevant.” Many have said that “people do not want you coming to their house.” Others have suggested “it is rude and it makes them feel uncomfortable going to someone’s house that they do not know.” And there is the group who states, “Would you like it if someone showed up to your house unannounced?”

This is a wakeup call to all the “Nay Sayers”, and the doubters, and the faint of heart when it comes to making what some have called “Cold Turkey Visits” or “Cold Calling.” Are you ready? Here comes. The BIG Surprise! There is One Day when people not only expect a visitor to show up at their front door but they prepare for your visit. They will even leave the front porch light on and lock up the dog.

This day is Halloween night! Yes Trick or Treat, give me something good to eat, night. In communities all across the country people prepare, decorate and some even wear costumes in preparation for their visitors. You do not have to fear someone cussing you out or giving you an angry stare. No instead, people will gladly open their doors wide. They anticipate your visit with smiles on their faces.

They sit in their homes waiting for the sound of feet running up their front steps, waiting anxiously for the doorbell to ring. They jump up out of their chairs and some may even run to the see who opens the door first. With expectant hearts they wait to hear the words come out of your mouth, “Hello we are from so and so church and we have a special treat for you.”

With eyes and mouth open wide, they are filled with wonderment. You extend your hand for a friendly hand shake. And introduce yourself and say, “My name is _______ and our church would like to give you this special gift. And they smile from ear to ear. “Oh thank you they may say, for this thoughtful gift.” Don’t forget to give them some church information and invite them to your Bible study group and to worship. “We would be honored if you would be our guest next Sunday at 9:30 or 11 am. We even have coffee and juice and a donut or two,” you say.

Make sure you have a list of Bible study or small group times in the gift bag. And most importantly don’t forget a book of wisdom (a gospel tract). It is not evangelism unless you distribute the gospel or proclaim it. They thank you for coming by and say “we might just visit you next time.” So off you go to the next house with your bag filled with gifts and gospel tracts. Knowing that people are waiting for you to come knocking at their door. So give them a big smile and they too will smile in return. And you will have the best night of your life doing evangelistic “door to door” visits. And yes it does still work. So go ahead, make a visit. Trick or Treat! (Biblical Costumes are Optional).


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