Do you ever wonder how Jesus, His apostles, Peter, Paul, and Stephen, one of the seven, had the faith, the courage and the boldness to tell others about Jesus Christ? Could we, can we capture or emulate their bold ability to share the gospel in the face of persecution or with total strangers?

How to Ignite Your Witness

May I suggest that it begins with your walk with God. You must have a daily devotional time. Reading God’s word and prayer are vital if you plan to be used by God to be His witness. I remember some of my preaching Professors saying that we should preach from the overflow of our sermon preparations.

In the same manner, we should witness from the overflow of our walk with God. The time you spend in reading the Bible, meditating on a passage or several verses, plus praying for yourself, and for lost people affects your evangelism. You are only as much a spirit filled witness as you allow God’s Spirit to fill you through taking in Gods’ Word and prayer. Your devotional time should begin with confessing your sin. This is a vital component or practice in anyone’s walk with God.  

Coffee and Jesus

Recently I stopped at McDonald’s to get a coffee. I parked and was getting out of my car when I overheard the lady parked next to me sounded like she was distressed. I got my coffee and walked back to my car.

I noticed the senior lady was sitting in the driver seat starring at the ground, smoking a cigarette. That is when I heard the Spirit speak and direct me to speak to her. I walked over and introduced myself. Then I offered a “Here’s Hope” gospel tract. She responded “I need all the hope I can get right now.”  

It turns out Angel and her husband were supposed to move down from New York to be with their kids and grandchildren. Her husband suggested she move down and then he would follow. He didn’t. Instead, he had cleaned out their joint bank account and filed for divorce. Angel is now on welfare and barely making ends meet.

I began to witness to Angel when she said that she was born in the “Promised Land,” Israel. She is not a practicing Jew. She indicated that she was spiritual and believed in a God but also said she was not very religious. I shared how I had learned in seminary that my name was of Jewish origin and she agreed I understood the Jewish connection.

I then shared about the 351 prophecies mentioned by the Prophets about the Messiah and how Jesus had fulfilled all 351. I suggested she do a search on the internet. I also shared about Isaiah 52 and 53 that mentioned the suffering servant. I suggested she read the sections in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were it describes the torture and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth she would discover that the description in Isaiah would parallel with the Gospels.

“Jesus is the Messiah” I said. He is without a doubt the One Sent from Yahweh. She wrote the down the topics I mentioned and said she would look them up on the internet. I invited her to join us for worship on Sunday. She asked where our church was and gave her the address to look up on her GPS. Angel asked if I was going to be there. After giving her directions where to connect with us. I asked how I could pray for her. Please pray for God’s provision, and that she will come to faith in Jesus of Nazareth.

As I was drove out of the parking lot and waited at the traffic light I turned and saw Angel reading the “Here’s Hope” tract. I prayed for God to open her mind and give her the understanding to realize Jesus is the Messiah and she needs His forgiveness for her sin.

Do you crave for God to use you? Are you asking God to give you the boldness and to fill you with His Spirit? If you are not filled with God’s spirit then you are trying to tell others by your own human ability. This is referred as witnessing in the flesh. Things can go wrong when you are in the flesh. Read God’s Word, pray to God and seek His empowerment before attempting to share the gospel. You will be grateful you did.



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