Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” (NASB 1995) When we trust in Jesus and are born again by God the Father’s Spirit we get His spiritual DNA which means we get the ability, the empowerment to evangelize lost people. How encouraging it is to know that with the call to be Jesus’ witnesses, we are empowered to His witness!

So the question must be asked, “Why haven’t churches been more evangelistic in the last twenty to twenty-five years?” Have we lost our first love? Is it time for churches, and Christians to repent of their disobedience and rebellion and turn back to God and begin evangelizing again? I say that we are way past the time and we must pray, confess, repent and start winning lost people again for Jesus sake!

In 2009, I heard from a pastor, who served on his state convention’s finance committee. He had shared with me of the coming financial crisis in our denomination. During the week, I was invited by a friend to meet him for dinner during our denominational convention. I was seated next to a very distinguished looking individual. It turns out he was the chairman of the Missional funding committee for our denomination.

I asked him how the receipts were looking for the last year. He replied “not too good, they are down.” I asked if this would impact our denomination, he replied “the next couple of years will only tell.” Being the evangelist that I am, I asked, “Do you think if the churches in our denomination had been obedient to the Great Commission and had been winning souls, and making disciples who tithe, that a coming economic crisis would not have such a significant impact on our denomination?” He paused for a moment and said, “That is a good point. An economic crisis would probably not impact us significantly.”  

So the lack of obedience, which is sin, impacts the church in more ways than we can imagine. Not only are receipts down but in the long run it will affect the staff, and eventually the church as a whole.

Good News!

Recently, I have noticed on social media more conversation about pastors praying for revival among our churches. Through my consultations with pastors and their staff I have heard of an increased interest in evangelism. Some pastors have shared how they are making ministries in their churches more intentionally evangelistic. I had a recent phone conversation with a young pastor who shared that he had heard of an increase of churches/pastors becoming more interested in evangelism again. That is good news!

Harvest Principles

Several years ago, I use to plant a quarter acre with various vegetable seeds. But before we could plant we had the field plowed. We paid a man to come in and “cut the dirt” several different ways. I mean he plowed the field from different angles. This ensured that the dirt was prepared for us to sow the seed.

Then we went to the feed and seed store and bought good seed. I would carefully plan out my field. Then we tilled the dirt in rows, sowed our seed, and spread fertilizer. Then we waited for the rain. Every time I thought it was about to rain I would go to the field and sprinkle a little more fertilizer and till the dirt. With much anticipation sprouts pushed up through the dirt. Several weeks later we had a harvest and it was bountiful.

A friend had encouraged me to pray over my garden and see how God would bless it. So we prayed that God would bless our garden. We had so many green beans that I was giving them away. Our tomatoes were so big a slice of tomato hung over the sandwich bread. It was amazing! So why am I sharing this story with you?

Here is the connection. On a mission trip overseas, I learned another lesson about prayer. I learned how to prayerwalk the streets and communities. We prayed for people as we passed them on the streets. We even stood on an ancient aqueduct and prayed for the people of the mega-metro city to be saved.

Prayer and Evangelism

Are you praying that God’s Spirit have liberty in your church? Are you praying in your church? I mean are you praying specifically in the sanctuary, in your Sunday class rooms, and around the church property? Are you asking God to send lost people to your church and for them to be saved?

Is your church praying in the community? Are you mapping out the streets around your church and praying that God send His Spirit into the homes and hearts of the people and bring salvation to them? Are you asking God make your church an evangelistic church? If you are not praying specifically asking God to send a Revival Spirit in you first and into your people then you may have answered why your church is not growing.    

So what must you do to see a movement of God in your church and in your community and in your city? Pray for people to be saved. Read and study the Gospels how Jesus and His disciples evangelized. Ask God to forgive you of your doubts whether evangelism stills works. Ask God to help you remember how lost you were when He saved you. Don’t ever get over your salvation! Someone once said, “If you can get over being saved, you may have not been truly saved.”

Train our church members how to witness. I offer different witness training sessions teaching how to engage your community and share the gospel. These methods are biblical and still work. Christians use these methods around the world and they work. Churches that are intentionally evangelistic are growing churches. The harvest principle is, “you plant/sow and you will see a harvest.” Go to or email to find out more information about equipping your church. Check out the evangelism resources, “Breaking the Evangelism Code, Intentional Community Evangelism and The Prepared Witness 30 day evangelistic devotional on

 Get a handful of gospel tracts, pray and ask God to give you witnessing opportunities and ask Him to guide you to people who need to hear the gospel. Get up and go witness. In Jesus Name!



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