The Best Day to do Gospel Tract Distribution

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Conversational Evangelism, Evangelism Dynamics, Evangelism techniques, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Witnessing Tools

“Give out a gospel tract, me?” “I am scared to death, what if someone says, no.” “What if they reject my offering a gospel tract?” These are some of the responses Christians have given when asked if they would consider distributing gospel tracts. Over the last few years I have learned that most Christians have never witnessed (evangelized) to a lost person. If someone does not have a desire to evangelize lost people, this most likely impacts their desire to give away gospel tracts.

We have to ask, if a person has been saved, blood bought, by the blood of Jesus, and God’s (Acts 20:28) then why would anyone not want to give a gospel tract to an individual who is on the way to hell? Usually fear is the greatest factor. Fear of what you may ask? Will there is the fear of going out into the market place and talking to total strangers. Or going to a gathering where hundreds or even thousands of people gather for some event and handing out a gospel booklets.

Here is one way to do away with the fear factor! You don’t have go out. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can actually sit in a chair and give gospel tracts to the many visitors that may come to your home on Halloween night.

Along with the candy, you should give away kids tracts that you can purchase at a Christian bookstore. You can even order them online on Christian websites. If you are not able to purchase kids gospel tracts you can give any tract. Why? Because on Halloween night most anything goes. You will see the most ridiculous and the funniest costumes. So don’t worry if your gospel tract does not meet the kid standard.

Over the years, we have given out kids tracts that included a game, a puzzle, or a riddle that ended with a concise gospel message. We have even given out tattoos, that type that you wet and press on, that included a gospel message. The children loved those and took several. On the back of the paper was an explanation of the colors with Scripture.

When the children ring the doorbell we offer them some candy and a special treat. Sometimes parents ask what is in the booklet, we tell them a positive message, or we say, “It describes how much God loves you.” The parents smile and they often thank us. Faces light up with gratitude and appreciation.

Before the waves of children show up we pray that God will use the gospel tracts, the tattoos, and other giveaways to bring someone to faith in Jesus Christ. We pray for God’s favor, and for favor with the parents.

We do not know how many people or children have been saved or parents. Only in Eternity will we know the fruit of our obedience to Jesus’ command to take the Good News to the people. I pray that you will consider this easy approach for evangelism during the one event which allow people to come to your door. Oh and yes, you may try this at home!


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