Helping Homeless Moms and Children

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Biblical Evangelism, Ministry Evangelism, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Understanding Biblical Evangelism

Our church has a partnership with a ministry that helps single moms who are homeless and abused women, and women with addictions. Several Bible study groups are helping with Christmas gifts for the children in the program. We have seen several unwed mothers give birth. Others have gotten their lives straighten out and after they completed the program got full time jobs and others were able to purchase homes. There have been multiple residents who gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

Because the residents attend a Bible study groups and the contemporary service on Sunday mornings I have been blessed to teach a baptism class for several folks and baptized them as well. I have heard their testimonies how they cried out to God and prayed asking for God’s forgiveness and received Jesus payment on the cross for their sins. What joy it is to hear the wonderful stories almost every week.

Recently the director of this ministry shared a few stories of some of the children. The first story will everyone’s heart. Someone had donated a large meal for the residents to eat dinner one night. One of the new arrivals family’s was in the dining room and kitchen. The aroma of the hot meal filled the rooms. Then all of sudden one of the children of the new family, bolted out the door.

The director, a lady, went out to find out why the boy had run out of the house. He responded that he could not smell the food. The director asked, “Why can’t you smell the food?” The young lad said, “Because if I smell the food it will make me hungry!” The director asked “So why can’t you be hungry?” The boy responded, “Because it isn’t my day to eat. My mother chooses who gets to eat on which day and today is not my day to eat.” The lady director told the young boy, “Honey, everyone in this ministry gets to eat at every meal.” “Really!” he exclaimed.

Upon hearing this story it so gripped my heart. How sad it is to know that there are children in our community that do not get to eat a meal every day. How difficult it must be for these mothers to have to be in this situation and tell one of her children that they cannot eat today.

Another story shared is one of the young girls told the lady director that she wanted to live with her forever. “You will live with me for a while, said the administrator.” Eighteen months is the duration of time for the recovery and healing for this program. Then on the way back to the home, the little girl pointed several motels where they had stayed for night or two for weeks. “I had to sleep the on floor most of the nights” said the little girl. “I want to stay with you, because I get to sleep in a bed, I am tired of sleeping on the floor.”

Do you wear tags on your clothes? You probably wouldn’t even think about doing such a thing on purpose. But if you have not ever had the privilege of wearing new clothes you might. It was the end of the Christmas holidays and the kids were going back to school. The children at the ministry were filing out the door to wait on the school bus. As the children filed passed the director she noticed that some of the tags were still hanging on the children’s clothes. So she got a pair of scissors and ran outside to cut off the tags. When she tried to snip off the tags the children told her not to cut them off. She asked “why don’t you want me to cut off the tags?” “Because we have never had new clothes before and we want people to know that we wearing new clothes,” responded the children.

Currently there are twenty children in the program for Christmas this year. They need personal clothing, underwear, socks, and tee shirts. The toys will are usually donated by a company. Most of the children in the ministry don’t have a father or decent father around. The church hopes to make an impact on the women, children and the handful of men who are admitted into the ministry.

The director and her husband started this ministry several years ago. Then a few years later her husband passed on. In her sixties the director continues to minister and speaking to church groups to raise support for the ministry. There are always needs, food items, for both moms, some men, teens, and young children. Sometimes the buildings need reroofing, painting, and various repairs and God always seems to provide. God uses people to meet other people’s needs. Pray and ask God how He might use you to help this ministry to young women, mothers and children. For the safety of the children and the moms the local address is not given publicly.

To help contact and we can connect you with the Director.




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