Repeatedly Disregarding God’s Truths has Consequences (Romans 1:17-30)

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Awakening to Urgency for Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Prayer Evangelism, Revival Evangelism

The Reasons for God’s Wrath

I taught a class on the wrath of God. While studying the passages Romans chapter one, God’s reminded me why it seems that our society is accepting of sin. The Apostle Paul wrote that disregarding God’s truth repeatedly results in God turning the sinner over to his or her sinful desires. Scripture also says, that those who commit the same sin or are contemplating the same sin approve of those who are living in the sinful life style. Below are some truths in bullet point form.

  • Vv 21-32, describe the reasons for the results of God’s wrath, foolish hearts/thinking, wise fools, exchange the glory of God, for the immortal images, worship animals and birds.
  • Paul describes how God withdraws his presence and restraining influence:
  • Gave them over to sinful desires, impurity for the degrading of the bodies. They abandon natural use of their bodies, inflamed/addicted/consumed
  • Do not to retain the knowledge of God, consequence is God gave them over to a depraved mind, (they can’t think normal, instead they think abnormally.)
  • Vv 28-30, Paul’s lists the consequences of rebellion:

In eight of sixteen chapters in Romans mention something of the wrath of God, several as an eschatological event

       Man’s Knowledge about God

  • Paul reminds us constantly that all people have a knowledge of God (1:21, 25, 28)
  • Humankind’s problem is not ignorance of truth, but rebellion to know truths of God through Jesus Christ and in His Word. 
  • Rebellious humans neither glorify Him as God nor give thanks to Him (1:21)
  • Instead, they exchange the glory of the immortal God for idols (v23) the truth of God for a lie (25)
  • They reject the natural use of the body for sexual relations for unnatural ones (26)
  • The result rebellious humans incur the wrath of God. He withdraws His divine presence, “God gave them over.” (Repeated three times (24-28))
  • “sexual impurity (24), shameful lusts(26), depraved mind (28),”
  • Human freedom carries an awesome responsibility: to be free means you determine your own destiny: God does not send people to hell. People send themselves to hell by rejecting  Jesus.

         Man’s Refuses to Believe

  • To refuse to believe in God results in hardening of the heart.
  • By repeatedly disregarding truth, a person determines their own fate
  • God’s wrath is called down on a number of vices, failure to glorify God (1:21), thanklessness V 21) intellectual pride (22), idolatry (23, 25) and lack of integrity (25)
  • The sin receiving the greatest attention is sexual impurity (4-27)
  • The wrath of God is strongly emphasized as an eschatological reality throughout the Book of Romans
  • The fulfillment of God’s wrath is found in the Book of Revelation (20: 11-15) The Great White Throne Judgment
  • The stubborn and unrepentant person is storing up wrath (2:5, 8; 9:22), the opposite of a saint storing up rewards
  • Without wrath God cannot be holy, He is a jealous God (Exod. 20:5; Deut. 4:24)
  • God’s wrath is his attitude of permanent opposition to all that is contrary to his holy nature
  • God’s wrath is personal and active; It stems from his holy nature; He is not vindictive or cruel, He is a just God.

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