I am continually seeking to be an intentional soul winner. Why God even put me over a national ministry for over ten years that had “Intentional and Evangelism” in the name. If you lack the intentionality to be evangelistic, then let me offer you six simple practical ways to “stoke your passion for evangelism.”

#1 Daily you should pray for lost people by name – If you want God to use you to win lost people then you should have a list whether on paper, lap top, tablet, or phone with a list of names. Another way to pray for lost people is pray for your neighbors as you walk, drive or jog up and down your street. Get to know your neighbors. If you live in a multi-housing units then you will most certainly find yourself face to face with your neighbors on a weekly if not a daily basis. Ask God to give you opportunities to witness to the people on your list.

#2 Ask God to send you two lost people every week – Everyone who has a busy daily schedule has some method if not more for keeping up with your daily appointments. They have been referred to as Personal Data Assistant, PDA. God has His PDA’s for you, Personal Divine Appointments. Each day God has in store for you to come across, or meet an individual who needs to hear about Jesus. The question is are you “Soul Conscious.” By this I simply mean to be aware everywhere you go that the people to whom you talk are going to spend eternity somewhere” (Jack Hyles, Pastor in Hammond Indiana).

#3 Make sure you have Gospel tracts on you – An intentional soul winner carries Gospel tracts, with him or her. It is part of being a lifestyle witness. When I travel I make sure there are Gospel tracts in the pockets of my suit cases. You should keep Gospel tracts in your car console, in your purse, man bag, valise, brief case, computer bag, you get the picture. There are even free downloads of Gospel presentations. For example the EvangeCube and the Four Spiritual laws to name two. Knowing that you are ready to give a Gospel booklet or use your electronic device to share the Gospel helps to “Stoke your passion for evangelism.”

#4 Get involved as a “Decision Counselor” at your church – Another way to “stoke your passion for evangelism is get involved in evangelistic opportunities through your Church. You should approach the occasions prayerfully, seeking to share the Gospel story. Get involved in your church’s Outreach Ministry.

#5 Go on a mission trip annually, home or aboard – Going on an evangelistic mission trip whether home or aboard, is a habit we all need to practice. As part of your preparation for the evangelistic mission journey you will pray for encounters to evangelize people. I have worked with locals from inner city churches across the nation and seminary students who were scared to go witness in the inner city. But after one or two days of conducting evangelistic surveys door to door or in the communities they were transformed into intentional soul winners.

#6 Get around other seasoned soul winners – Probably the most beneficial habit in my life has been gathering with other soul winner who are seasoned in what I call New Testament Evangelism. These men and some women (mostly wives) are some of the most faithful soul winners I know. Some of them are in full time Missionary Evangelism Ministries. They travel across the USA and hand out Gospel tracts and have hundreds of witnessing encounters. Only heaven knows how many people were rescued from the road to hell and set on the road the Heaven. Hanging out with these faithful servants and hitting high risk communities has helped to “Stoke my passion for Evangelism.”


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