The world is in desperate need of a spiritual awakening. The Church is in desperate need to wake up and become the evangelistic organism that God intended the church to be, evangelizing the lost world. God has empowered the church to be able to carry the gospel out into the communities of America. The church has all it needs to see God turn this world upside down, if only God’s people would repent, be obedient and begin witnessing.

The church has fallen for the devil’s lie that evangelism does not work. What better lie to promote! He could not stop the church from doing evangelism by persecution. So he did the second most effective thing, tell the church that evangelism does not work anymore. The church today lives as though the gospel is powerless and acts as though the gospel is in some type of code.

The church appears to be in a state of confusion and stumbling around as though intoxicated by some cheap wine or fermented drink that the devil has concocted when it comes to evangelism. The church seems as though it is in a thick fog and acts as though the gospel is in some type of cryptic code, needing to be solved before it can tell the world about Jesus.

While the church struggles trying to discover a new approach or grasp which evangelism strategy or method works best, the world is going to hell on jet fuel. The declining church continues to listen to some of our leaders and individuals, whom we have deemed as the experts, who fan the flames of disillusionment and gospel-phobia, while the devil is running havoc on our families, our marriages, our churches, and communities. He continues to lead many lost people to an eternal fiery hell while we sit around trying to figure out how to grow the church without going outside of our walls or leaving our soft pews to do intentional evangelism.

The Devil has crept into some churches and has taken control. It is evident by the back biting, negative comments, sexual immorality, stealing, promoting personal agendas instead of God’s biblical plan and the lack of intentional evangelistic effort and a lack of concern for reaching the lost. Stopping churches from being evangelistic can only be the devil’s deceptive scheme. No Evangelism is the Devil’s Mantra! Have we fallen for his devilish schemes?

Evangelism is the good news that the world needs to hear. Th e message of the gospel is that God set up a road block to hell; it is called the cross. It is all about the cross. Jesus died on a cross so we would not have to pay for our sins in hell. Salvation is available to all who believe. It is free to all who want to receive it from God. It is not cheap for it cost God His only Son, Jesus and it cost Mary her first born son. It is not cheap because it cost Jesus His life and the agony of taking on all of our sins that separated Him from the Father.

To read more of Dr. Victor Benavides, writings on evangelism, please purchase one of his books:

“Breaking the Evangelism Code”, “The Prepared Witness”, “Intentional Community Evangelism”

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