The Changing Cultural Landscape is not the Problem for a Declining Church

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Awakening to Urgency for Evangelism, Church Revitalization, Evangelism Renaissance, Personal Evangelism, Prayer Evangelism, Repentance and Revival, Understanding the Great Commission

We are hearing all types of reasons why churches in America are declining, dying and closing their doors.  We have seen a decline in baptisms since 1974 in the Southern Baptist Convention. Baptisms are down because pastors, people and leadership have bad mouthed evangelism. One pastor recently blamed pastors ‘cooling off” for a decline in evangelism.

Recently I attended a strategy meeting composed of ministers from several denominations representing most of the Christian denominations across America. An interesting fact was shared during this meeting. One reason why churches are declining, research conducted by a Religious Entity revealed, that “pastors are quitting at an alarming rate, but many stay in ministry, because they cannot do anything else so they stay and pastor in the local church.”

Wow. So we wonder why churches are declining. Many pulpits have no power because the men behind the pulpit are not walking with God. This is evident by the fact that on blogs, questions such as “can a minister drink?” and now “if pot is legalized, can a pastor smoke pot?” are being asked. Amazing! No wonder churches are dying. When the pastor who leads the church is allowing alcohol to pollute the mind. Allowing the mind to be controlled by fermented drink instead of the Holy Spirit. If God’s Spirit is not controlling the mind then who is?

What the church needs today is not for the church to pray for revival. Many prayer meetings are being held seeking God to send revival. What we need is confession. What the American church needs today is a movement of Confession. We need to confess to God our sin of being apathetic, laziness, and disobedience to Jesus command to evangelize the lost, the sin of pride and arrogance, drunkenness, homosexuality, lesbian and transgender confusion.

God could not bless the sinful church of Corinth and He cannot bless any sinful church. If the church is declining it is not due to a changing cultural landscape. Today American mindset is not different than what the apostle Paul and the early church faced. Our problem is a church filled with sin and God will not bless a sinful church. Today’s church is accepting of various lifestyles.

Today’s church, for the sake of being inclusive doesn’t preach against sin, against rebellious life styles, because it is trying to promote social justice instead of Gods’ coming judgment. Lost people do not need to hear a church say “everyone come as you choose”, but instead “come to Jesus as you are and Jesus will change you!”

Churches need to begin praying for lost people again. Churches need to begin training their church members to evangelize lost people again. One pastor said, “If we pray to God to save lost people, and the church goes out and shares the Gospel, there is no way that someone will not be saved! God’s Word does not return void.”


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