I have heard and read the same question on social media and on national news networks, “Why are Americans so enthralled with the World Cup and Team USA?” Yes America is enjoying the huge win of Soccer Team USA over Ghana, and what a win it was! I watched the last fifteen minutes of the game and it was very exciting. But we must ask the question, “Why are Americans are so caught up with the World Soccer Cup?  Why are we seeing an increase interest in soccer during the World Cup? Why are so many excited about soccer? And is there a correlation in any other areas in American society?

I believe there is an openness in American society today which we have not seen in some time. I have worked in the inner city for over ten years, leading missionary evangelistic teams who evangelized alongside of church teams. I see a similar ingredient now in American people as with the inner dweller. In the inner city residents are usually are on a low income, in a rut financially, or in some type of depressed situation whether emotionally, spiritually, or socially. Inner city inhabitants are just looking for something good to happen to them.

I believe that in the United States, things have been on the down spiral for so long that Americans are looking for reason to celebrate. They are looking for something good to happen to them. There is an openness to hear, read, and respond to any good news that would give them opportunity to celebrate.

This openness also leads to windows of opportunities for churches across our nation, the US Islands and territories to take the only Good News, the Gospel that will have not only an eternal impact but also have a temporal impact. There is a limited window of opportunity in America at the moment that if Christians are not careful, they will miss it.

Let me Illustrate, after World War II the surrendered Japanese nation begged the United States of America to send thousands of missionaries to tell the Japanese people about Jesus Christ. But Americans were filled with so much hatred toward the Japanese, they rejected the plead,  and missed a window of opportunity to evangelize Japan.

The window we have at the moment may be open for a period of time. I am not sure how long, but now is not the time to ask if people are open to the Gospel. No, the question we should be asking is “Are we willing to obey Jesus command to ‘Go make disciples of all people’s!”

I believe that when we stand before the Bema Seat of Christ, we will learn about all the missed opportunities we had in our grasp where we could have evangelized our communities, our cities, our nation and we squandered it away with doubt, and people’s opinions that our culture is not open to hear the Gospel.

Jesus never asked us to go and determined if we should go evangelize the lost. No, Jesus said, “As you are going, make disciples of all nations!” Those of you who are New Testament Greek students have learned that Matthew 28:19-20 is an imperative command. These words of Jesus are referred to as the Great Commission. They are not the Great option! We must go and evangelize or be found to be in rebellion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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