Ways to Use My Hope Films by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Church Revitalization, Life Style Evangelism, Missional Evangelism, Personal Evangelism, Witnessing Tools

Ways to Use My Hope Films

Church Showings: Encourage your church to pray for those who need Christ in their lives, and invite them to watch a My Hope film at the church. You could show it on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, or at a special event. After watching the program lead the church in an invitation and prayer for people to receive Christ.

Homes and Small Groups: Pray for God to reveal himself to your friends, family, and neighbors and then invite them into your home to watch a My Hope film. Share a meal together and then watch the program. Afterwards, share how you found hope in Christ, and invite them to pray to accept Christ into their lives.

Youth Groups: Plan a gathering for youth, show a My Hope film, have one or two prepared young people give their brief testimony, then give a clear invitation and lead in prayer to receive Christ.

Community Meetings: Several families can work together to invite friends, family and neighbors to a block party or similar event where the My Hope DVD and brief testimonies are shared, followed by an invitation to receive Christ.

Coffee Houses, Parks, Informal Gatherings: The My Hope films can be shown on a smart phone or tablet to two or three friends in any informal setting. Share your testimony— then kindly ask if they want to pray to receive Christ.


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