What could be a catalyst to change an entire communities through the local church? What could stimulate your church to intentionally begin to reach its community with the gospel?

The Intentional Community Evangelism (ICE) strategy was originally developed by Victor Benavides, in 2002. ICE combines equipping the local church in prayer, evangelism, discipleship, coaching and neighborhood events to engage entire communities.

Each ICE emphasis is a 12-month process in which a church or group of churches are guided to develop unique and personal strategies for serving the surrounding community.

The main goal in the ICE evangelism training is to discover a training method that works for the urban/inner city church within the cultural context of the people the church is trying to reach. A strategy that the church will not use is no strategy at all, so the church must be comfortable and confident with the particular evangelistic approach it chooses.

The challenge for each urban/inner city churches is that of reaching a community filled with thousands of people, of all walks of life, and economic status, many of which are unconcerned about church. To reach those folks, we’re going to have to use some non-traditional approaches. The challenge is tremendous but the end results can be very rewarding.

Through ICE, a church staff and lay leaders can meet with M28evangelism.com team members to develop strategies to actively engage the community, starting with intentional prayer.

Prayer is really the bedrock of the ICE strategy. It prepares the hearts of the community and the church for a movement of God. Prayer is God’s roto-tiller busting the hard packed, rocky and thorny soils of the hearts in communities across our cities.

Each church member participating in an ICE emphasis is trained in prayerwalking and is asked to organize prayerwalks in designated areas. The more people you mobilize to learn how to prayerwalk and participate in prayerwalking training and conduct prayerwalking their community the greater results you will see through an evangelistic effort.

As a part of ICE, you should prayerwalk block party venues, parade venues, Trunk or Treat venues, Spring Festival venues, apartment complexes, subdivisions, basically anywhere you plan to carry out evangelistic conversations.

You should also prayerwalk for a golf tournament. Men’s wild game dinners, Women’s events, felt need conferences, and food distribution venues. Any location where a church plans to distribute the gospel and have witnessing conversations with people, Church members should prayerwalk.

Churches should prayerwalk the rooms, hallways, sanctuary and parking lots of the church weeks before Vacation Bible School.

Through an ICE emphasis participants will be trained and equipped to follow up quickly with those who have made professions of faith in Jesus Christ, and to disciple them through a small group Bible study.

The ICE strategy culminates with three days of intentional community evangelistic events; however, the process does not end there.

The Intentional Community Evangelism strategy process will just begin for the local church as it will be encouraged to continue in the practices that it learned over the year.

For all churches, it means continuing to follow where the Holy Spirit is leading.

Our heartfelt desire is to reach our community for the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a burden to reach those who live all around us. To be totally honest, many churches have been in their location for some time and many have lost the passion to impact its community like it should have. We hope to change that through ICE and with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

To learn more about how your church can equip your members how to engage intentionally engage its community using Intentional Community Evangelism go to M28evangelism.com. or email m28evangelism@gmail.com.


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