Many have said that does door to door evangelism and surveying does not work or is not effective anymore. I have continued to train, and conduct door to door surveys and evangelism in communities across our nation. I have mentored and taught churches and believers how to do door to door evangelism.

One of the men that I have mentored is now mentoring a young church planter in the Midwest, in door to door evangelism and surveys. He sends me reports that bring me joy in reading. I wanted to share with my readers a great report how one church planter who has not bought into the lie that door to door does not work anymore.

Jerald’s Story
It has been said that door to door evangelism does not work anymore. Being a street evangelist who loves doing door to door, or “cold calls” as some say, this has really made me stop and think about whether that statement is true. I have been helping a church planter in Atchison, Kansas. He had been there about a year when I became involved. He told me I could handle evangelism however I wanted.

I didn’t know a single person when I entered the town. He and I started prayerwalking and talking to everyone we had an opportunity to engage. As we began visiting door to door, I realized that the approach of doing door to door evangelism I was using was lacking something. I started praying about it and God showed me a new way to engage the people we were meeting.

Now, I go door to door and ask people if they have any needs the church can meet. Then, I ask if I can pray for them. I carry a small notebook with me and write it down if they say yes, and I ask if I can come back in a week or so to check on them. If they agree to a second visit, I make sure to return.

Follow-up is so very important; it lets people know that I care and mean what I say. Returning to build a relationship earns me the right to share Jesus with them. Before leaving I give them a card with the church’s address, phone number, and service times – but I don’t invite them to our church. I simply ask them to pass the card on if they know someone who needs a church. More than one person has thanked me for not trying to pull them out of their own church.

The more I visit the people I have met, the more they begin to trust me. This opens the door for further ministry and evangelism in their lives. After getting to know people, we have even started Bible studies in their homes. They were willing to let us enter their homes for Bible study because we built good relationships and earned their trust. This becomes an open opportunity for true discipleship. I pray that you would give door to door evangelism a try and see how it works for you.

For more information about training your church how to do door to door evangelistic surveys, and prayer request, email You can also go to and learn more about M28evangelism.


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