Why a Church Grows

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Personal Evangelism

Church growth is not an option. Church growth in mandatory. How can a pastor turn a church around? This can be difficult and a discouraging task. But the good news is that Jesus has taken all the steps for His church to grow. Growth is a daily discipline. “If you are not growing in wisdom and knowledge, then you are dying, said my friend.

Here is simple list of why a church experiences growth. What kind of growth you might be thinking? Good question! Growth occurs in several areas, in the physical sense, the spiritual sense, the emotional realm, and the faith realm. All work together to see exponential growth in a church.

Church growth can occur in several ways:

  1. The church (the people) must grow spiritually. They must grow in their desire to read and study God’s Word. The result is the people will grow in wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word and respond to positively to situation.
  2. The church (the people) must grow in their intentionality to pray. Prayer is the key to seeing the church become alive, and be ignited with God’s Spirit. By reading God’s Word, the people are putting in them the living Word of God and God’s Word will begin transform lives, and attitudes and the people will see growth.
  3. The church (the people) must grow in their intentionality to evangelize lost people. Again, the result of reading God’s Word and praying for lost people to be save results in God using these individuals to speak up and speak about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. God’s Spirit will well up inside of each committed individual to speak or they will feel like they will bust.
  4. The church (the people) must grow in their walk with God. This of course happens as the people become aware of their sins, and the need to confess their sin, daily, and sometimes through the day. We are sinners saved by grace. The only way to stay in right relationship with God is to confess our sin.
  5. The church (the people) must grow in making disciples. Evangelism and discipleship or disciple making go hand in hand. These two disciplines of the Christian faith are mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Go make disciples…teaching them to obey all things I have taught you,” said Jesus Christ.
  6. The church (the people) must grow by becoming “little Christ’s”. What does this mean? We, the followers of Jesus Christ must become, as my wife says, “We must Jesus with skin on to others.” When the church seeks to reach lost people, regardless of color, socio-economic status, walk of life, and be Jesus to them, then the church will see growth.

I recently heard a missionary make the statement, “If the church is not growing, then it is dying.” I pray that churches (the people) will die to themselves, and let “Jesus be Jesus in them.”


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