Billy Graham Gospel Tract Leads Muslim to Jesus

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Biblical Evangelism

Working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association over the last few months has been such a blessing. I met so many people and have had many conversations with pastors, ministers and individuals who have told me that they were brought to faith in Jesus while either watching a Billy Graham crusade or read a gospel tract. Gospel tracts still work in spite of what many may say. Gospel tracts do not work if you do not give them away, pass them out to lost people in your community.

I recently received by email a story of salvation due to the BGEA efforts. The man was raised Muslim in faith and came to Jesus Christ after reading a gospel tract produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The man is so full of gratitude because of the life change he experienced in Jesus Christ.

I want to share the story with you. I will leave out the name of certain entities and due to the nature of the work and the groups working in his home land. Please honor our brother’s request and do pray for his family and people group to find the One True Living God in Jesus Christ.

Hello brother Victor, it was my joy and an honor and privilege to share Christ with you today. I could not believe someone called me from BGEA. I am a former Muslim in love with The Risen Christ! He called me to Himself in May 2009 when I was going through the darkest moments of my life. A bible tract from Billy Graham started the whole fire in my heart and it is still on to this moment.

I am originally from Burkina Faso (West Africa) and I am the first believer in a great family of twenty four children. According to the _ _ _ _ _ _ Project I belong to an unreached people group. My people are “the ______-______” in Burkina Faso. Please pray for my people. Thank you so much for reaching out to me today and may God keep watch over you and bless the ministry of BGEA.

Brahima shared that an image of man’s separation from God is what got his attention. He realized that he needed to trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation and to get into heaven, so he did.


If you are interested in giving away gospel tracts, go to to order the Steps to Peace with God gospel tract. If you have not ordered your My Hope 2014 videos Heaven, you can do so by going to and order a free copy or download a free copy.

I hope that you will get involved with this movement of God and not miss out on what God is doing through


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