Last night I received a call from my son, who had just left a pickup basketball game at our church. He is the pastor of the service that has become a contemporary/multi-cultural/international gathering at our church. A young couple who have a heart for reaching people living in apartments have been invited to move into a complex near our church.

This couple had planned and promoted a pickup basketball game in our multi-purpose building. About 20 young men and teenagers showed up to play b ’ball. My son was asked by the young leaders if he could come share the gospel to the group. Someone else had to cancel at the last moment, so my son received the blessing and honors.

My preacher son, called me and shared that he had presented a simple and pure gospel presentation to a bunch of millennials, who by the way, are not supposed to care or want to hear the gospel according to some experts. Did I mention that the majority of the individuals where from an apartment complex who had invited our church to invest their tenants?

The phone call went something like this, “I just finished sharing the gospel tonight and 4 young men got saved and three more said they had been saved in the past but wanted to rededicate their lives to God again.  It was amazing!”

I have found in my over ten years of sharing the gospel in hundreds of apartment complexes across our nation that most times you can find a harvest of souls in these multi-housing communities. And you do not need to make the gospel difficult to understand and explain. Just keep K-I-S-S it, Keep It Simple Saint! We need to communicate the gospel at the age level for 10 to 12 year olds. Make your gospel presentation simple so that anyone can understand the gospel and make a simple but heart felt decision to follow Christ. Then rejoice in the decisions that are made by individuals who response to Jesus’ Spirit as He leads them to respond.


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