Do Church Plants Really Produce More Baptisms?

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Personal Evangelism
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According to God’s Word, church plants are the result of intentional evangelistic strategy and work, see Acts 13, 14, 15. Church Planting is not our mandate. Jesus told His disciples to go make disciples which in the context of His day, preach God’s Word, call for decisions, call out disciples to follow Jesus, train the disciples and then send them out to do the same process.

The Holy Spirit drove the apostle Paul into the mega cities of his day to proclaim the message that the God of Creation had come in the form of a man in Jesus Christ, was crucified for our sins, and rose from the dead. The focal point was Jesus had paid our sin debit. Then Paul gathered those new believers who had placed their faith in Jesus Christ and started discipleship making groups and called them a church.

In Acts 2 we read how the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples who prayed. The Spirit that drove Jesus into the wilderness to fast and pray, the same Spirit that compelled the apostle Paul to proclaim the gospel, drove the disciples into the streets of Jerusalem to proclaim the gospel, in over ten dialects and languages. People heard the gospel and followed them to a place where the apostle Peter was ready to deliver an evangelistic message. He then preached a six to ten minute sermonette, say Bible scholars.

When Peter concluded his message pointing out that the people listening were sinners and had killed Jesus, the people shouted, “What must we do to be saved!” Peter then instructed them to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. According to Bible scholars, the disciples baptized 3,000 men. Now during this time, women and children were not counted, just the men. So scholars and serious students of God’s Word estimate that the number of baptisms could have been 6,000, 9,000 or more.

Now, did you catch the New Testament model for seeing baptisms by the Church? The disciples prayed. They are filled with the Spirit of God. The Spirit drove them into streets, the community of Jerusalem to make Jesus known to everyone who will listen. They gathered their listeners, and Peter proclaims the gospel message again. He does this in six to ten minutes. Then the Preacher gives an evangelistic invitation and people are saved, and baptized.

Revival Crowd

God’s method and approach for salvation and baptisms is:

  1. pray
  2. get filled with the Spirit
  3. go out evangelize the community
  4. bring those who have listened to the message for a preaching of God’s Word
  5. give an evangelistic invitation
  6. Baptize the new believers
  7. Start disciple study groups

This the biblical model, prayer, community evangelism, evangelistic preaching and invitation, baptism and Bible study groups, and fellowship.

So, if we want to follow in the biblical model, your church planting must follow or include the steps given to us by God in Acts chapter two. Then you will see more people come to faith in Jesus and follow Him in believer’s baptism.


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