This week I had a meeting with the Regional Coordinator for the Southeast for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for My Hope, a Church evangelism strategy. We were discussing positions for a new structure for My Hope teams. The term “vital” was used referring to the new positions for the team Coordinators. Dr. Guth, said, “Do you know that the word “vital” means signs of life.”

Vital signs are those indicators which give evidence that an organism is alive. We went on to discuss how the new volunteer positions were vital for the success of our strategy to reach the fifty capital cities by partnering with the local churches to take the gospel into the communities.

As I pondered our conversation and the term “vital” I began to think of the church. The church is a living organism. And the church also has “vital” signs, indicators that it is alive, or sadly, in some cases, dying a slow death. I began to ask myself “what are some vital signs that a church is alive, thriving, and growing.

From a biblical perspective, here is a simple list, based on biblical principles, examples and historical models.

  1. The church is intentionally praying for lost people to be saved.
  • Prayer meetings are held to pray for the lost.
  • At group meetings, bible studies, the staff and directors pray for lost people to be saved
  • The church is prayerwalking the streets, tearing down strongholds in Jesus Name!
  1. The church is intentionally evangelistic.
  • The church staff is teaching its members how to evangelize.
  • The church creates avenues for members to go out and evangelize visitors,
  • Conduct evangelistic door to door surveys,
  • Provides gospel tracts for members to distribute when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Creates opportunities to draw people into venues so its members are able to evangelize.
  • Every sermon has an evangelistic component and offers an evangelistic appeal
  1. The church is intentionally making NEW disciples
  • Evangelistic events, and outings, will produce new believers, so they must be discipled
  • New believers are taught how to evangelize, mentored how to share the gospel
  • New bible groups are formed from new believers as they complete a New Believer’s class
  1. The church is baptizing new believers
  • New believers want to follow Jesus. They want will be baptized.
  • Offers a Baptism Class for new believers
  • There is excitement about baptism and the church celebrates with great joy.
  1. The church is alive with excitement
  • Members of all ages are enthusiastic about seeing lost family, friends, and acquaintances coming to faith in Jesus.
  • Members are continually inviting lost people to “’Come and See’ what God is doing at our church!”
  1. The church will have to expand
  • Salvations and baptisms equals growth. This can occur by
    • adding more Bible study groups
    • double your worship services
    • add another location
    • or build

I am certain there are other suggestions that can be added but these are the basics vital signs of life for a church. I hope your church has good vitals.


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